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If you are in the business of coaching (or any business for that matter), there are at least two marketing basics that can lead to enjoying prosperity.

First, make sure you have a great product or service.  If your offering meets a market need (something that makes your client’s lives better) AND is above average quality, you get a ticket to play in the game of business.


With a ticket into the ballpark, you are now positioned to begin attaching marketing efforts to your offering.

Note: Marketing poor products is a waste of your time and energy and your potential client’s time and energy. Marketing sticks to and works best when your offering fits the formula above.

Once you’ve proven the quality of your product, add marketing to it. One such marketing tenet I use to grow abundance and joy within my coaching business is to create or join a cause.

When you attach to a dream, a cause, a purpose bigger than your own business model, you play a bigger game than meeting a quarterly sales goal. When you marry what you do at work with a cause you make someone’s life better while communicating the principles and values of your organization. Making your principles and values visible makes you more attractive.

Here are three guidelines to follow when picking or creating your cause:

  • You must believe in the cause like you do a personal core value (lip service looks and acts like lip service while authenticity looks and acts like authenticity)
  • The cause has to be something you can rally behind (you have as much support for your cause as you do for a child, your partner, your most cherished friend)
  • You can sustain your cause (you are willing to consistently nurture your cause and its related needs  year-after-year)

The idea of having a cause-driven business strategy cannot be underestimated no matter your product.  In the United States consumers consistently support cause-related programs.

  • 78% of adults said they’d be more likely to buy a product or service associated with a cause they care about.
  • 66% said they would switch brands to support a cause.
  • 54% said they would pay more for a product that supported a cause they care about.

So what does creating or joining a cause actually look like? Great question. One example of creating a cause is our annual selection and distribution of two to three SoulSalt Awards: awards that I literally created for my own circle of influence. This year we are awarding: The Persistence Award, The Leadership Award, and The Reinvention Award.

An example of joining a cause would be what I did on May 18th. I believe we can improve our life/work experiences when we have healthy habits for movement, sleep and nutrition. So I not only competed in The Woman of Steel Triathlon, I’m wore rally bracelets during the race for five women who need the energy of movement and female support in their lives but can’t compete this year.

Now that you’ve read what has been stated above, what are you going to do about it? I’d love for you to put your thoughts into action and share them here or email them to me at



In Memory of
Suzan Carol Johnson
June 7, 1954 – September 7, 2013


Sue C. Johnson
Born June 7th 1954 to George O. Skelton and Phyllis Stallings Skelton.
She graduated from Olympus High School in 1972 and attended Utah State and the University of Utah before she Married Eldred M. Johnson on August 1st 1973 in the Logan Temple. She was the Mother of Tonya Sue, Stephanie Ann, Kristin Marie, Jennifer Kay, and Mark Thomas. She also went back to school to pursue some of her interests in home assesement & later in interior design. She loved to travel, she loved to camp and hike, and especially loved her grandkids Quinn, Domminik, and Kyla. She was always enjoyable to be around before she died on the morning of September 7th, 2013. She will be greatly missed, but now is in no pain and with those that have gone ahead before her.

RIP Sue, you are always in our thoughts.

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