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What’s Your Story Line?

Early in 1992, Bill Clinton did something that no liberal Democrat had done since 1952: he lost New Hampshire on his way into his presidential campaign.  When the votes dry up, so do campaign funds. Clinton’s organization was facing a fiscal crisis. They needed to earn $90,000 in one day in order to stay in the race. What instrument of thought did Clinton use to get the funds?

One of the most influential figures in Hollywood is someone you probably would not know by name or face. For more than twenty years he has been teaching three-day seminars across the U.S. and Europe. Over 60,000 people have plunked down between six and eight hundred dollars to sit in on his seminar.  To date, over fifty academy awards and more than one hundred seventy Emmys have been awarded to his students. What is the power tool that McKee shares?

Finally, by what means did Deepak Chopra’s mother craft a memory for her child that influenced him beyond any other? This single item would become the wind in his sails for becoming a best-selling author, an endocrinologist and the founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.

Do you have the single answer to this question?

Bill Clinton, Robert McKee and Deepak’s mother all used story to inspire unprecedented feats.

Joseph Campbell said, “Myth (a.k.a. story) is the secret to opening through which the inexhaustible energies of the cosmos pour into human manifestation.”

If you want to walk through the doors to your greatest ideals and intentions, you must know how to make them open. Storytelling is the key. How well do you know how to craft the stories that will send your dreams rushing in?

Would you like to improve your ability to clarify and convey your story? 

We’d love to be your support. I’m proud to host through my company SoulSalt Inc. a free seminar that will help you to take the next step in Online Video Marketing.

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