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What Are The Benefits Of Play In The Work Place? Come Find Out!

SoulSalt Inc. is teaming up with Planet Play in an experiential learning engagement geared toward small and medium sized businesses. If you are an executive playing in this realm and/or your team is, here’s what you can expect:

o   A new agreement has emerged between corporations and the talent that
works there.

o   Do you know what it is?

o   Learn about this new agreement and how well you are keeping up your end
of the bargain.

o   Engaging and retaining top team members is not just smart, it is a
critical competitive edge.

o   Gain insights on the employee and corporate aptitudes your company needs
to nurture as part of keeping good people retained and growing.

o   If you are an executive, gain insights on the habits you may have that
are tripping up your employees. Also gain a stronger understanding of those
things you are doing well and must continue to do regularly to keep your
company strong.

o   Each participant will leave with a scorecard showing how well you show
up in each new aptitude.

o   Consequently you will also leave with a two week action plan and an
accountability partner so you can take the learning back to work and apply

In the process of play you will see yourself in a manner that may be rare to witness at work. Come be inspired and have fun in the process.

Friday, November 2nd
8 AM to noon (check in 8:00-8:15)
$50 per person, this includes:
A half day of play, fun, learning and experiments
Full lunch buffet
Also included is one hour of games and a $10 game card to be used at any time (valued at $25)

Please register via email at or call 801.631.8572.

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