Victoria in the Marketplace

When approaching the market with a new working identity, there are several things one needs to keep in mind. Victoria is doing well on three such items:

First she is watching for responses to her marketing efforts. One obviously needs to regroup if smart marketing practices are not being responded to. In the early stages of putting herself out there what we are looking for is a connection between her perceived need in the market and an actual need in the market.

Victoria reports that she is getting this affirmation. She had three potential clients contact her from one single marketing effort and she has already set meetings with each one. Way to go Victoria!

In addition she is getting positive accolades about her marketing structure and operational structure from her marketing class instructor. Again, thumbs up Victoria.

Next, Victoria is learning how to NOT take it personally if people opt out of her database as she markets her new offerings. In our last session, Victoria reported on the internal response she had to the first “unsubscribe” to her email messages. She acknowledged that it can feel like a personal rejection. But she also knows that it is really about someone making a choice to reduce email clutter.  In Victoria’s words, “The person who opted out may not want to receive future emails, but she may have also mentally “filed away” the information that I provide these services to people in our industry. Opting out doesn’t mean she won’t refer clients my way in the future if she is asked for recommendations.”

Finally, Victoria is working on her bridge. In this case, building a bridge means that she is not expecting to earn all her living right now from new clients who attach to her new identity. She continues looking for work that is compatible with her skill set so that she can continue to have an income while she’s building her new practice.

No career transition or reinvention ever happens right out of nowhere. We have to make things happen. Keep it up Victoria. I believe in you.


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