Victoria Gets Greater Clarity

Our coaching session today immediately evolved into a report about how one of Victoria’s discoveries turned into a powerful marketing document. This past week Victoria got quite clear around what she does and does not do in her new working role.

Victoria’s has always worried that when people hear that she is a coach she will be perceived as new-agey or guru-like. She has struggled with how to describe her more pragmatic orientation to coaching in her marketing efforts. Recalling a frustrating coaching experience that used the very approach she finds distasteful, she sat down in a burst of energy and identified what she DID NOT WANT TO BE for her future clients. The net results can be seen below:

When someone says professional or personal coach what comes to mind? Dream boards and discussions about finding your bliss? There are coaches out there who provide those important services for those who need them. However, if you are looking for someone who will spend the first 5-10 minutes of your coaching session reading you through a guided meditation to help you visualize success… I’m not your coach.


I am not touchy-feely. I am fiercely supportive.


I align my professional practice with my personal values – creativity, integrity, self-reflectivity accountability, teamwork and humor.


I am a deeply practical and pragmatic person who can help you use your hard earned investment wisely to pursue career and personal goals that align with your values.


If you’d like someone who can support you in your new leadership position, work with you to examine your professional path in light of your changing personal values at mid-career or just find a way to be more productive in spite of your constantly shifting day, then I’m the one you want to talk to.


Are you an overwhelmed first time executive?  I can help you navigate the complexities of your leadership role while setting realistic goals for your organization.


Are you experiencing a career transition? We can use your “in-between time” meaningfully, creating and implementing a plan that prepares you for your next position.


Or maybe you are re-evaluating your life’s work at mid-career and need someone to help you clarify your values, align them with a personal mission and create a plan for tomorrow.


I will never ask you to close your eyes and imagine your perfect anything.


I will ask you questions that lead to good old fashion dialogue and a plan that will help you successfully address your most pressing needs.


Let’s work together. Call me for a free coaching consultation.



Now that you have read this entry, if you or someone you know needs Victoria’s help I suggest you connect immediately. You can find her at: 619-540-2925 or vsaunders@cox.net.

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