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Trade Knowledge for Bewilderment

“The path was wide at first but soon narrowed to the width of my body, before abruptly ending. But I kept going, bushwhacking into the brush.  A stack of clouds moved across the sky like an iceberg, gradually covering the sun. The air had no scent at all; I just felt the cold in my nostrils saw my breath as I struggled through a briar patch, scraped my sleeve on a cluster of thorns, passed through a narrow clearing before plunging into a deeper, darker part of the forest.  I finally stopped, out of breath. I looked back and saw no sign of the trail.  I was utterly alone. In the midst of this silence, four words gathered in my mind – a little phrase from Rumi. It reads ‘trade knowledge for bewilderment.’

I walked on, and then the forest opened into a meadow. A fleck of purple caught my eye- the season’s first wildflower…” This passage was taken from the book Twelve By Twelve by William Powers.

Trading knowledge for bewilderment is exactly what can happen when you exit a company you love, one you helped grow from the ground up.

Is what can happen to your heart when you go home permanently and leave people behind that you love and a team you worked with mind-reading synchronicity.

It is what happens when dear ones leave as well (death and the end of Oprah as we know it can be a bummer for those left behind).

Trading knowledge for bewilderment can occur when you go out on a limb by yourself at mid-life because that is where all the juicy fruit is?

For one of my clients, the best word to describe this past of courageous transformation is the word BEWILDERMENT!

Today she is finding her sea legs. Gaining traction and learning to trade starting her workday at 7:00 a.m.  for starting on her new life.

One of our core principles at SoulSalt Inc. is Courage. Change of any sort is challenging. Change that results is this type of change is note-worthy. We honor Martha with this year’s Courage award. Well done Martha! We’re all better for having you on this planet with us.



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