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Today and Not Today

It’s Here

After six years of experimenting and tweaking and after six years of learning better how to help myself and my creative clients stay focused, the Today and Not Today app. is here!

That’s right. We just released our first i-phone app. This tool is designed to support you as you cut through the chaos – that mass of I have to do’s floating around in your head competing for your attention.

The key concept here is:

We will never, ever, ever have enough time to do everything on our list. However, we will almost always have enough time to do the few critical items that must be completed today. The trick is to clarify what things can wait and what things cannot.

If you want assistance in cutting through the chaos, Today and Not Today is for you. Download it on any i-pad, i-touch, or i-phone.

Here is the link to iTunes:


Watch one of our tutorials if you need assistance or comment here and let me know how it is going.

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Joins us on Facebook where you can post your stats for each week and compare to other users.

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Use this Micro Blast podcast to remind you of this concept:

Micro Blast, Today and Not Today by soulsaltinc


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