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Three Hints to Deal with Procrastination

Procrastination impedes every single person. You’ve done it and you know it. When we putter instead of getting down to the important things, we are procrastinating. Its okay to admit that you’ve lost yourself in e-mail or on Facebook when you would have been better served making a phone call or finishing up a report. Think about it, do you avoid the unimportant things? Most of us do not.

We usually avoid the significant tasks because they may seem unpleasant, difficult or so important that we get scared about how we’ll measure up to them. So how do we escape postponing those things that give us satisfying results?

Good question. Here are three helpful hints:

  • First – Admit that you procrastinate. Own it. We all do it. You do it. Stop rationalizing that you don’t.
  • Second – Charge at the most difficult task on your list each day. Take it out first.
  • Third – Offer yourself a reward. That’s right! Treat yourself when you complete the hard things.

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