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Thoughts, Beliefs, Dream boards and Your Success

Do you subscribe to the notion that we are only limited by our own thoughts and our beliefs?
Morris E. Goodman, nicknamed “The Miracle Man” believes. Upon surviving horrific plane crash injuries, he was told that he’d would never walk or speak again. Today he not only speaks to millions, he is walking. He attributes his recovery to controlling his beliefs and thoughts. He paid close attention to directing what his mind and heart believed. His efforts were key elements in healing himself.
Legendary runner Herb Elliott  broke the four minute mile seventeen times subscribed. If you care to read about his life, you’ll find that his coach Percy Cerrutty said, “You have to be a big person to run a four-minute mile.”  He was describing the process Herb had to go through to stand up to the pain, face off doubt and fear, and reach his mind out beyond any other previous record. The end result was an unprecedented domination of his sport from 1957 to 1961.
Mary Burlingame, a former coaching student once shared with me her daily practice of sending positive and intentional energy. She directed her thoughts and intentions toward what she needed and wanted in the moment. Consequently one morning she designed an intention in the form of a $5,000 check written out to her self. She even took time to imagine it coming through the U.S.P.S. Within three days an actual check for $5,000 arrived from an unnamed, unsolicited source. Mary knows how to use the power of thought and belief.
If Morris, and Herb and Mary can make these things happen in their favor, so can you! And it doesn’t have to be difficult.
Here is just one very visual way to start accessing the power of your mind and transforming your beliefs:
Step One:

Make a dream board or an intention collage. Craft a piece of art that visually portrays what it is you want your mind and your beliefs to manifest into your life.

Some people collect images and words from magazines, books, the internet, etc.Then paste these on a foam-core base such as the one shown above.

Others prefer to use the Oprah dream board technology found here.

Another good place to craft a virtual dream board of what you need and want
Step Two:

Enlist yourself into a practice of frequently sitting with your board.

Have a gratitude practice every day. Take time to acknowledge and feel the grace of what you already have.

Be clear and specific in words and images about what part of your dream board you are seeking to become actualized. Form a mantra around that theme. Review those images and statements which reflect what you are seeking.

While you are with your dream board and fulfilling the previous step hold space for the item you are manifesting -stay in that mode for at least 16 to 30 seconds. By “hold” I mean that you find a way to, in that short time frame, believe! Feel the sensations, emotions, physical stimuli of that thing that is being manifested. Think the thoughts of what it is like when the manifested object is actually and/or tangibly in your life.

Use sounds, words, stones, chants or a mantra as a means to run your intentions through your mind and body, heart and soul during this time. Be sure you state things in the present tense and as if something is already with you.

When you are finished with your manifesting session, practice letting go of the thing you desire and allow it to come to you in the form and time frame best suited to you both.
There are many books and articles that you can read on the topic of using your thoughts and beliefs to manifest your success. One book I read to better understand the concept is Braden’s The Isaiah Effect, Decoding the lost science of prayer and prophecy.  I also recommend Wayne Dyer’s The Power of Intention and Excuse Me; Your Life is Waiting written by Lynn Grabhorn.

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