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The Rock Star of Rockville

I recently returned from a productive visit to the D.C. area where I met with a client and her  team. Our job was to transport their vision and goals for 2012 from thoughts in heads to Gantt charts and calendars.

I was moved by the endurance this team expressed as we took a Sunday to pound out the project plans.  I took note of the loyalty this team holds for their leader.

Over the past two years it has become clear that my client’s passion and ideals for where the business can grow were running a different direction than her business partner’s ideals. My heart swelled with emotion to I watch her align with her core value of compassion and love as she and her former business partner parted ways and sent each other off to their respective new adventures.

She, and I have both learned that sometimes what looks like a big ending is simply a stork delivering exactly what everyone needs  in order to experience the power of a rebirth.

The woman I speak of is truly one of the most gifted promoters and savvy entrepreneurs I’ve had the privilege of working with. She has created the fixings for a new life that is about to unleash itself.

And it is the deeper soul level activity she has recently submitted to that makes this lady a Rock Star in my book and that makes her future so promising.

She is a woman of great integrity and efficacy:

She has endured the grueling process of loving freedom and living for freedom – relentlessly investing effort into clearing the path for her future business and those who it will employ.

She believes in compassion and grace. So she lives compassionately gossip-free, grateful, and constantly extending  appropriate amounts of love outwardly while holding onto wise boundaries.

She is dedicated to beauty and she lives expressing beauty in everything she touches and acknowledging beauty when she experiences it.

Many people are edified each month by the bright spot she creates as she moves among us. I am one of them. As I have coached her, she has become my teacher. One of the greatest lessons she has shared is the concept of the word to action ratio.


I ♥ you Cindy Feldman. I ♥ you because you stand on the bedrock of your own conviction and step into the direction you know is right for you. And you do so without entertaining the notion that those who have chosen not to leap with you are wrong. Rock on!

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