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The Power of a Place

I recently finished working with one of Salt Lake City’s most creative minds – Cody Derrick. Cody is the genius and founder behind the City Home Collective.

And I am currently reading Richard Florida’s book “Who’s Your City” How the creative economy is making where to live the most important decision of your life.

As it turns out, there are a couple of critical thoughts from these smart guys concerning the importance of where one places oneself.  Maybe you know these things inutitively and maybe you don’t. Here they are:

Place greatly affects your options:  Florida states that “Finding the right place is as important as, if not more important than, finding the right job or partner…”

He also makes a case that the place we choose to live in affects every aspect of our ability to enjoy and be satisfied by life. It affects how happy we can be. It determines how well we can create stabiliy in our life. Think about it. If you lose your job and or your partner, the place you live determines the choices you have in that emotionally difficult moment.  It is exponentially easier to recover from either scenario if you live in a place that offers a vital economy with lots of jobs and eligible single people.

Place shapes you and your life:

“Simply put, space shapes life. Whether or not people take notice, the space we occupy affects us. A room with a view encourages something inside of us entirely different than one with a fireplace would. A small space elicits different interaction amongst its inhabitants than a sprawling home.

Knowing how much a physical location or space affects us is the first step to being changed for the better by our environment.Ultimately, what we want to start doing is asking ourselves the right questions about where we place ourselves. Here are two such questions: What experiences do I want to have in my space? Is this the home (space, office, area) that will allow for those experiences?

Answer these questions honestly. Place is everything. Without it we are lost… literally.” Cody Derrick, Property Consultant.

Clearly, picking the place where you live, work, and love is one of your most critical decisions.

How well have you been paying attention to the power of your place?

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