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The Flaw in “To-do-lists”

Many people utilize list making as part of their time and focus management strategy. Lists are great tools. Making one can relieve an over-burdened mind. However, there is an inherent flaw associated with list-making. Those things that come out of our heads and onto the list typically fall out in random order. And a list by nature is hierarchical. Therefore those items that dump out first and land at the top of a list have a built-in association with higher importance no matter if they deserve it or not.

One way to iron out the flaw when making your “to-do-list” is to make it first on sticky notes. Limit one item per note. Then when everything is out of your head, put them into the sequence that makes the most sense to you.

Another way to outsmart the flaw of lists is to use my iPhone app as shown in the movie below.


Or, if you don’t have an i-phone, i-touch, or i-pad, let me know by responding to this blog and I’ll send you a paper version of our tool. I promise it will out perform to-do-list making.



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