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The Beginning of a Goal

Sometimes when we are asked to set a goal, our minds go blank. Depending on where you are mentally, it might be difficult to quickly spit out a goal that both serves you and excites you. If this sounds familiar there are many small things you can do to immediately help yourself begin to clarify a goal worthy of your time and attention. Here are just a few of them:

Browse through magazines that you typically don’t subscribe to. Look through the pictures. Skim a few of the articles. Notice if something catches your fancy. Notice if something begins to churn in your head or heart that says, “Now that sounds like something I would like to try.” This could be the beginning of a goal.

Revisit the dreams you have on your “I want to do that someday” list. Which ones both excite you and scare you a bit? Write those two or three ideas down. You now have a short list to start working with. Determine the order in which you’d like to complete these ideas. Which would be first, then second, then third? How about getting started on the first one? Formally give it a name and promote it to being a full-fledged goal. Call or e-mail me if you feel like you need a kick-start to get going on this venture.

Ask yourself this question: “If time and funding were not limitations, what would I do?” Start making your list. When you sense that you have a healthy amount of ideas, share your list with a trusted other. Ask them to assist you in challenging yourself to make one of the ideas a goal that you will start within the next thirty days. It might take longer to complete your goal, however NOW is a great time to get going on it.

For more ideas on how to begin to clarify a goal, listen to this quick pod-cast.

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