Salon Coach Certification – First in the World!

SoulSalt Inc. is proud to announce our part in giving birth to the first Salon Coach Certification program recognized by the International Coach Federation. That is right! This is the first I.C.F. accredited program in the world.

We have been working with salons since 1998. Most recently our work has been to meld coaching programs within compatible salon cultures. Our results  have been phenomenal as you can see:


We are proud to be a part of a profession that can deliver customized programs which produce real outcomes in real time for creative, busy and visionary salon leaders.

More about Coaching

Coaching is not new, it is not a fad. In fact coaching sprouted up from the broad range of philosophies and practices that date as far back as Aristotle, Socrates and Buddha.

The taxonomy of coaching blends an array of ancient wisdom and practices with modern science and advancement in the arts of communication and education.

The coaching industry has grown enormously over the past ten years. The evolving dynamics of coaching are proving it to be a ubiquous as training.

If you are interested in being a salon coach, please reach out –

If you are interested in crafting a coaching culture within your spa, salon, school, business, etc. we have a proven track record and would love to discover what we can do in partnership with you.
An independent R.O.I. study showed that the Paul Mitchell The School system accrued a 42% increase in the number of trainings that were booked, a 100% retention factor affording the company a savings of $57,381.00 during the 2006 to 2007- the year spent with Lyn Christian coaching the management staff.



First we’d like to thank Meche’ Ortega for her expertise and experience in building the salon certification track that currently exists at U.C.U. mentioned above.

Next, we’d love to congratulate Progressions Salon, Spa and Store in Rockville, Maryland. We have been working with Cindy Feldman and team for several years and want to acknowledge how well they have implemented a coaching culture using our curriculum as well as our coaching. Kudos for being in the Salon Today top 200 salons!

Also, if you don’t think that coaching is a huge part of top salon’s business success, think again. While we had our noses to the coaching grindstone, Salon Today did a feature article. We’ll be sure to let them know they missed a huge hat tip our way. However, take a look at what is happening out here. We’ll pit our R.O.I. (return on investment) against any coach engagement out there.


Laser Coaching – Four Steps to Clarity

As a faculty member at Ultimate Coach University I get to share some of the powerful coaching tools I’ve learned over the past 13 years. One of my favorite webinars to teach is on Laser Coaching.

The quickest and briefest of our laser processes involves these four steps:

  1. Determine what the client’s situation is.
  2. In view of said situation, find out what the client is committed to.
  3. Discover what is in blocking the client from fulfilling their commitment
  4. Call the client to action using a question such as: “Now that you know this, what would you like to do about it?”

See if you can pick out each of these four steps in this animation we created here at SoulSalt Inc.

Coaching Tips from Janet Daniels

I recently caught up with Janet at an Ultimate Coach University training event. I observed her in role plays and noticed that as she coached, she often referred to a list of coaching tips written on a sticky note. Her coaching was impressive so I asked if she’d take a few minutes and share her tool with us.

If you tend to be visual and if you want to stay sharp on the skills given to you during coach training, Janet’s handy list might be something you’d like to try using.

Coaching is a Partnership

Over a decade ago when asked what I did for a living and I’d reply that I was a coach, many people looked me up and down and inquired:

So, do you coach soccer or gymnastics?

As most of you know, my coaching has little to do with sports.

Over the years I’ve devised a tangible metaphor using glasses of water and food coloring to help express what my coaching looks like. Typically I’d give this demonstration to student coaches who were grappling with defining the role for themselves and their potential clients. By sharing the demo here on my blog I’m hoping that it helps clarify what this work, that I love so much, looks like.