The Entrepreneur’s Hedgehog

The hedgehog concept, articulated by Jim Collins in his book, Good to Great, is often the crux of successful business building for an entrepreneur.  As a coach, I’ve worked with several clients to help them articulate their hedgehog as a cornerstone of a new business.  While it’s a great activity to do with a coach, an energetic entrepreneur can work on discovering and implementing their hedgehog with the help of some accountability partners.

This is the first part of a five part series on the entrepreneur’s hedgehog.  For an initial understanding of the Hedgehog concept, we wholeheartedly recommend that you read Chapter Five of Good to Great.  For audio learners, Jim Collins provides several videos and audios on his website.  While we rely on Jim Collins for the initial idea, the extensions of his concept to small business owners has developed over a number of years.  This part will focus on the hedgehog concept as a whole and three decisive benefits that come with the activity.

For Jim Collins, the hedgehog concept “requires a deep understanding of three intersecting circles translated into a simple, crystalline concept (the Hedgehog concept).”  The three circles make a traditional Venn diagram.

Jim Collins Hedgehog Concept 300x280 The Entrepreneur’s Hedgehog

On its face, the concept is easily graspable.  Find out what you are passionate about, can be the best at, and make money.  The next three pieces in this series will explore the three circles.  For right now, we want to explore three reasons why you want to find your hedgehog.

First, your hedgehog is your one thing.  Just imagine—no matter what else goes on in your world, you have this thing that you can do in a world class manner, you love doing it, and it makes you money.  Circle it, star it, underline it, and tape it to your refrigerator.  There is absolutely nothing else than can do all three things.

Second, your hedgehog is the core of your marketing.  We will talk more about this in part 4 on making money with your hedgehog. Think of your hedgehog as being your brand—the core that creates evangelists.  It becomes an almost no-fail path to sales and marketing.

Third, your hedgehog lasts as long as you do.  It’s who you are.  It’s built into your DNA as what you can do as best in the world.  You can do other things, but few of them will feel as natural and as comfortable as being a hedgehog.

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Switch – the Science of Change

How hard is it to change into being a non-smoker? How difficult is it to transform from bankruptcy to abundance? What is it like to leave an achy, stiff body behind and become pain free?

The answers depend on how well you use your head. The ground-zero obstacle for substantial change is the built-in tension arising from having two sides to our brain.

Our minds are ruled by two masters. One is rational, logical and pragmatic. The other is emotional, attached, and irrational.

When we unite the two and become of one mind within one brain, then we can make significant change. Even when change is hard.

I’m a student as well as a practitioner of uniting these opposing forces to affect such change. And one of my favorite books on the subject is Switch, How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Dan and Chip Heath.

I’d like to share a summary of Switch’s main points in hopes that they will serve your change efforts as well as they serve my clients:


Dan and Chip have a great site full of useful resources!

And if the comment about being tired of being stiff and in pain each day hits a cord with you, you’ll want to investigate the Ultimate Freedom Coaching Program being offered at SoulSalt Inc.

It’s Never Too Late To Reinvent Yourself

SoulSalt Inc is hosting another Reinvention Group starting September 10th. Space is limited so reserve your spot now.

This six week intensive group coaching is geared toward the individual who needs to redefine what and how they work. This engagement will support you to map out a path to move you from chaos to a new career. Leaning heavily upon research coming out of Harvard Business School, Lyn will share with you and coach you through unconventional, yet effective strategies for reinventing what you do with your time, talent and energy.

People who have benefited from this program have been asking these sorts of questions:

  •  I’m a stay-home mother, that’s all I know. I want more. Is that okay? Is there anything I can offer that I’ll enjoy doing?
  • I’ve been doing the same old thing for years. My family has needed my steady income. What can I do now that my children are raised that truly accesses my dreams, goals and strengths?
  • Am I good at anything?
  • I’ve had several careers and filled many roles. What’s next?
  • I no longer need to work. I wonder what sort of contribution I can make that will hold meaning for me and for other people.
  • I can’t seem to make a difference where I work. Is there a place for me to play to my strengths and enjoy what I do?
For more information email your interest to



Got Why?

Ever wonder how some individuals and their businesses stand apart from the norm and how come their impact is not easily duplicated? Maybe you have asked yourself:

  • How do some people achieve things that seem to defy gravity?
  • How is it that some people, some businesses are far more inspiring than others?
  • How come some people seem to do things that turn out better than anyone knew was possible?
  • How can I get my life, my business to truly shine and attract abundance?

Believe it or not, there is a pattern that exceptional individuals and businesses follow. It is a pattern that is simple and yet it will take personal leadership to follow. Here it is:

Know WHY you do what you do and drive every thought and action from that position versus working and communicating WHAT and HOW you do what you do.

Surprisingly, this pattern of leading and acting from your WHY is something that few take the time to emulate.

Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why, codified this pattern into a model he calls the Golden Circle.  If you want the results found in the bullets above, watch Sinek’s TedX talk found here. Get the skinny on how to put the Golden Circle into practice for yourself.

At SoulSalt Inc. we know that everything we do is to support, advocate for and inspire the Free Agent. Our WHY is to be with people while they find their truth, live it and lead an inspiring life. It looks something like this:

Do you know your WHY? Tell us about it.

And, if you are wondering how to get in touch with or how to verbalize your WHY, shoot us an email at We know how to draw out of your head and your heart your WHY you do what you do.