It’s Never Too Late To Reinvent Yourself

SoulSalt Inc is hosting another Reinvention Group starting September 10th. Space is limited so reserve your spot now.

This six week intensive group coaching is geared toward the individual who needs to redefine what and how they work. This engagement will support you to map out a path to move you from chaos to a new career. Leaning heavily upon research coming out of Harvard Business School, Lyn will share with you and coach you through unconventional, yet effective strategies for reinventing what you do with your time, talent and energy.

People who have benefited from this program have been asking these sorts of questions:

  •  I’m a stay-home mother, that’s all I know. I want more. Is that okay? Is there anything I can offer that I’ll enjoy doing?
  • I’ve been doing the same old thing for years. My family has needed my steady income. What can I do now that my children are raised that truly accesses my dreams, goals and strengths?
  • Am I good at anything?
  • I’ve had several careers and filled many roles. What’s next?
  • I no longer need to work. I wonder what sort of contribution I can make that will hold meaning for me and for other people.
  • I can’t seem to make a difference where I work. Is there a place for me to play to my strengths and enjoy what I do?
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Coaching is a Partnership

Over a decade ago when asked what I did for a living and I’d reply that I was a coach, many people looked me up and down and inquired:

So, do you coach soccer or gymnastics?

As most of you know, my coaching has little to do with sports.

Over the years I’ve devised a tangible metaphor using glasses of water and food coloring to help express what my coaching looks like. Typically I’d give this demonstration to student coaches who were grappling with defining the role for themselves and their potential clients. By sharing the demo here on my blog I’m hoping that it helps clarify what this work, that I love so much, looks like.