SoulSalt Coaching Tackles Pain

No healthy individual actually signs up for pain. Those of us who have pain, want to be free from it.

In reality however, pain is an essential part of our inborn protection system. Pain can alert us to danger and deter us from being seriously injured.

Pain can also be an indication that we have unconsciously been moving inside our body in a manner that causes friction. Too much friction over time can wear things out, tear body parts down and leave us stiff, inflexible, and yes in pain.

Susan McLaughlin, the Physical Therapist who created Align Integration and Movement, is joining forces with me in a new coaching effort. We believe that all pain experiences are, although unpleasant, normal responses to something. We have learned through our own physical/mental/emotional/spiritual transformations that dealing with this something in an organic, systemic, and bio-mechanical manner can actually put you on a path to find your way out of chronic pain.

We call our program Ultimate Freedom and we are launching it now! Starting September 18th, on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5:30 to 6:30pm. The five week engagement cost is $850. We only have room for four, extremely dedicated individuals. If you might be a candidate for this coaching program, please review the information below and contact us immediately. Be sure to check the requirements and dates twice and your gut thrice. We are serious about supporting you toward a pain fee life. Your outcomes are dependent on your own effort.

In case you want to check out my credentials and the consistent ROI’s (return on investment) my clients enjoy please watch this video: [youtube][/youtube]

To get a sense about Susan and how she works, please view this video:

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SoulSalt Salon Coaching Gets Solid Results

I consider myself lucky having been invited to coach within the creative world of hair design. The artists of hair and beauty offer an ever present opportunity for reinventing style, attitude and mood.

The Salon/Spa industry is equally ripe with extraordinary opportunity affording this creative class unlimited career opportunities. Ownership, growth, vibrant experiences are a few of the words that capture this vibe.

Besides working as coaches within salons, we also offer the first Salon Coach Certification track recognized by the International Coach Federation. You can find more details about this program at Ultimate Coach University – a company I’m proud to say I co-founded.

So what sort of results do we support with our coaching programs? Good question.

There are many answers and here are just four of our favorites:

  • We can assist you to increase your revenue
  • We help you establish systems to get sustainable results
  • We work with you to increase job satisfaction
  • We elevate leadership and management capacity

You can get an idea of just how strong our results are with salon coaching by watching this short clip. If what we do interests you, call us at 801-463-5239 and learn how to add coaching to your culture: