Coaching the Creative

Reversing the Aging Process

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“I hold so much tension in my back,” I’d hear her say. “My back is stiff this morning,” she’d comment upon rising. “My muscles are far tenser than they should be,” frequently escaped her lips as we took evening walks through our local neighborhood. payday loans ottawa ontario I didn’t think much about how these […]

Busting It Out

Rob Maximus MacDonalds Challenge

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Last week I shared with you a challenge that my trainer Rob Maximus MacDonald created.  Here’s the challenge: When in the moment of being on the edge of your best effort and energy is starting to wane, push harder. Throw down any hammer you have left and see what that extra kick does for your […]

Hat Tips


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A huge CONGRATULATION goes out to Johnny Carlquist. He just took the Black Belt Gold Medal in the Middle-Weight, Senior 1 Divison this past weekend at the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) Las Vegas Open. receive my cash advance pay checking That was Saturday. By Monday, Johnny is back in Salt Lake opening the day […]