A Twist on Goal Setting

I recently sat at coffee with a sharp young man named Nico Pesci. I find him driven and bright. And what he shared with me that morning was a new twist on how he set his New Years goals. I found his experience worth sharing and I have permission to let you in on our nine-minute conversation.

Have a listen, and let me know what you think about Nico’s new method for goal setting. Maybe you have one you’d like to share. Let me know.

A Twist On Goal Setting by soulsaltinc


Check out the book Flow By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 

What Katy Says About Goal Setting

Sometimes the things we learn come from people both younger and smarter than ourselves.

Enter Katy Bowman. Katy is an up-and-coming bio-mechanically oriented genius (for more information also see “author’s note”). Even at birth it seems she had mensa written all over her. While most of her followers are raving fans of Katy’s wellness and alignment information (which I admit to enjoying as well) what really fascinates me is her scientific/engineering/practical approach to elements of human performance.

I’m kind of a geek when it comes to learning what maximizes an individual’s capacity. So when Katy starts talking about topics like how to set better goals I take note.
What Katie says about Goal Setting by soulsaltinc
Here are three strong pieces of Katy’s advice in terms of the first step in reaching a goal – the goal setting process:

  • First, resist being so lofty when you initially write down a goal that you defeat yourself on the spot.
  • On the flip side, don’t dumb your goals down – the idea is to challenge yourself enough that you can feel a stretch toward progress and positive change. Find the middle ground between stretching and actually accomplishing what you know you can accomplish.
  • Finally, remember that a goal is not the outcome. The outcomes are the result of hitting your goal. So when you set your goal write down your intended outcomes at the same time.

Oh there is much more that Katy says about how to write and reach your goals. And I will certainly share these later. In the meantime, sit down and try your hand at setting an incredibly strong goal for yourself. If you want feedback, send it our way and Katy or I will let you know how solid we think it is.

Author’s Note

Katy Bowman, M.S., is an expert in analyzing human movement. She applies the engineering principles of biomechanics to quantify and analyze the every-day use of the HUMAN MACHINE, and in so doing fulfills at least three critical purposes.

First, she assists us in learning how to reduce common diseases and other ailments. Secondly, she makes all this scientific, mathematical, physics-oriented information actually easy for the us common folk to understand. Finally, she’s damn funny. No really, she’s hilarious.  To learn more about Katy’s background and innate love for anatomy/physiology visit: www.katysays.com and www.alignedandwell.com.

Planning Strategically

Today I worked with a client who has struggled to fully utilize the Today and Not Today tool. We sat down and looked over how she was attempting to plan out her day using this tool.

The items on her “to do” list included:

  • Insure that the loan officers are delivering quality customer service.
  • Monitor the training of new employees to make sure they are properly oriented on the company policy in terms of customer service.
  • Manage the customer service call center.

 It might be occurring to you as it did to us that the items on her list require systems and structure in order to complete them. These items are big, broad and strategic.

The Today and Not Today tool is NOT designed to organize your mind around large strategic projects. It is designed to organize the tasks floating around in your head that need to get accomplished one-at-a-time.

Today and Not Today can indeed support  you when working to accomplish a larger strategic project IF you take time to break your project down into smaller bite-size chunks – tasks.

And that is the key to accomplishing large projects and goals – You must first break these into work packages and corresponding tasks.

Today and Not Today is all about helping you stay focused on your priority tasks each day.

Only use it to sort through your small, bite sized tasks.

When you are focused on big goals and larger projects take time to break those down into do-able steps before you add them to your daily planning.

If you want a free copy of the paper version or the I-phone app of Today and Not Today let me know. I’ll be happy to forward those to you.

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Just Say It

Two years ago I decided to return to competitive sports. I started training for sprint triathlons. And somewhere in a lucid moment when my partner was within earshot I stated, “One of the benefits for all this training is that I want to be fit enough to pick up and do a triathlon at any time.”

I spent from January 1st 2010 to September 25th 2010 training for my first event. I had to overcome the fact that I didn’t know how to swim beyond the doggie paddle. I had to face off with the fact that I have a panic evoking fear of drowning. I didn’t own a decent mountain bike and I’d had not competed in sports for some time. During this year when my birthday cake would read “51” I learned how to push myself both mentally and physically in ways I’ve never dreamed. I also learned how to take care of myself in ways that included: better nutrition, more mindful rest, smarter recovery measures, etc.

The race came and went. I did better than expected: I took 2nd in my age group. During the winter I stayed conscious to maintain some sort of base. When April 2011 came, I completed a second sprint tri. Afterward I felt whole and healthy. Thank goodness I’d kept up some sort of regime because when spring started to poke its head out I discovered this race with only two weeks to purchase a road-bike and ramp up preparation. I placed 2nd overall in women. That left me extremely satisfied and grateful. And, I said so to my partner.

She floored me with her response, “Isn’t that what you said you wanted to do? Didn’t you intend to be able to just go do a sprint like you did today?”

I had forgotten.

Her words went “thud” in the bottom of my memory bank.

I had been so focused on all the things I had to do in order to meet my goal that I had forgotten to keep an eye on one of the most desired outcomes. Taking time to acknowledge this outcome increased my joy and confidence in that moment and stored fuel for future big hairy goals I’m sure I’ll be setting.

It is powerful when we speak out loud what we truly desire. It is equally important to do so in the moment when the desire bubbles up fresh and clear.

So what about you? Is there something you are working toward? Have you shared all of the reasons behind your goal? If not, don’t wait. The notice “this is the right time” doesn’t automatically pop up on your calendar. Speak up. Say what you want more than once if you’d like and in front of those who care enough to be your memory bank. Just say it!

The Beginning of a Goal

Sometimes when we are asked to set a goal, our minds go blank. Depending on where you are mentally, it might be difficult to quickly spit out a goal that both serves you and excites you. If this sounds familiar there are many small things you can do to immediately help yourself begin to clarify a goal worthy of your time and attention. Here are just a few of them:

Browse through magazines that you typically don’t subscribe to. Look through the pictures. Skim a few of the articles. Notice if something catches your fancy. Notice if something begins to churn in your head or heart that says, “Now that sounds like something I would like to try.” This could be the beginning of a goal.

Revisit the dreams you have on your “I want to do that someday” list. Which ones both excite you and scare you a bit? Write those two or three ideas down. You now have a short list to start working with. Determine the order in which you’d like to complete these ideas. Which would be first, then second, then third? How about getting started on the first one? Formally give it a name and promote it to being a full-fledged goal. Call or e-mail me if you feel like you need a kick-start to get going on this venture.

Ask yourself this question: “If time and funding were not limitations, what would I do?” Start making your list. When you sense that you have a healthy amount of ideas, share your list with a trusted other. Ask them to assist you in challenging yourself to make one of the ideas a goal that you will start within the next thirty days. It might take longer to complete your goal, however NOW is a great time to get going on it.

For more ideas on how to begin to clarify a goal, listen to this quick pod-cast.

Probability of Completing a Goal by soulsaltinc



Today and Not Today

It’s Here

After six years of experimenting and tweaking and after six years of learning better how to help myself and my creative clients stay focused, the Today and Not Today app. is here!

That’s right. We just released our first i-phone app. This tool is designed to support you as you cut through the chaos – that mass of I have to do’s floating around in your head competing for your attention.

The key concept here is:

We will never, ever, ever have enough time to do everything on our list. However, we will almost always have enough time to do the few critical items that must be completed today. The trick is to clarify what things can wait and what things cannot.

If you want assistance in cutting through the chaos, Today and Not Today is for you. Download it on any i-pad, i-touch, or i-phone.

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Simple Facts about Goal Setting

Did you know that the probability of completing a goal increases by 10% if you hear about an idea? Seriously just by hearing someone say: “I want to write a book.” Or, “I want to climb that mountain.”

Did you know that you increase the probability of completing a goal by 25% if you consciously decide to do that goal?

Your chances of completing a goal increase to 40% if you assign a date by which you’ll complete that goal. You have to put skin in the game by firming up a due date. Putting a date to your goal makes things more real and more tangible.

Did you know that the probability of completing any goal increases by 50% if you plan out how you will accomplish your goal? Sure thing! If you sit down and break out all the steps it will take to meet your goal, you’ve just cut out the chances of not making the goal by half.

If you commit to someone else that you are going to accomplish a certain goal you’ve just increased the chances of meeting that goal by 65%!

Finally, did you know that if you have a specific accountability appointment to check in on the status of your progress as you reach for your goal that you’ll increase the probability of meeting your goal by 95%?

So now that you know all these facts about goal setting, what will you do about it?

All statistics were taken from a study performed by the American Society for Training and Development.

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