♥I Heart The Free Agent♥

I cannot explain my attraction for the Free Agent mind, heart and soul. The visionary, innovator the entrepreneurial maverick who takes risks, chases dreams and believes in things like:

  • The power of creativity
  • The notion of shared prosperity
  • The usefulness of play
  • The need for empathy
  • The outcome of Global Peace

I admire the determination and mental capacity they exhibit to will one’s self forward and to step out ahead of the crowd.

I adore their commitment to independence. I adore that they don’t play it safe, yet they always play it “right.” And “right” is uniquely defined by the dictates of each Free Agent’s conscience.

I applaud the Free Agent who creates “thick value” within the economy. Meaning they add a service, product, idea, project etc. that comes to fruition by doing no harm and by not adding a cost to any people, community or society.

I champion the Free Agent who creates something that is sustainable, meaning they do not infringe on the benefits of any people, community or society in the future.

These are they who are changing the way we do work from the inside out and the consequent ripples are incrementally changing the world.

As stated before, I cannot explain my fondness of this ilk. So I leave you in the hands of an expert on the topic, Daniel Pink. As the author of Free Agent Nation he can express better than I what this Free Agent phenomenon is and where it stands today.

To learn more, I suggest you:

  • Investigate his book the Free Agent Nation.
  • Or, listen to his interview about the current condition of said nation:


Got Why?

Ever wonder how some individuals and their businesses stand apart from the norm and how come their impact is not easily duplicated? Maybe you have asked yourself:

  • How do some people achieve things that seem to defy gravity?
  • How is it that some people, some businesses are far more inspiring than others?
  • How come some people seem to do things that turn out better than anyone knew was possible?
  • How can I get my life, my business to truly shine and attract abundance?

Believe it or not, there is a pattern that exceptional individuals and businesses follow. It is a pattern that is simple and yet it will take personal leadership to follow. Here it is:

Know WHY you do what you do and drive every thought and action from that position versus working and communicating WHAT and HOW you do what you do.

Surprisingly, this pattern of leading and acting from your WHY is something that few take the time to emulate.

Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why, codified this pattern into a model he calls the Golden Circle.  If you want the results found in the bullets above, watch Sinek’s TedX talk found here. Get the skinny on how to put the Golden Circle into practice for yourself.

At SoulSalt Inc. we know that everything we do is to support, advocate for and inspire the Free Agent. Our WHY is to be with people while they find their truth, live it and lead an inspiring life. It looks something like this:

Do you know your WHY? Tell us about it.

And, if you are wondering how to get in touch with or how to verbalize your WHY, shoot us an email at Info@soulsalt.com. We know how to draw out of your head and your heart your WHY you do what you do.