Benefits of Having a Coach or Mentor

Coaching and mentoring are processes designed to support you while realizing a single goal or your full potential.

However, not all coaches or mentors are created equal and picking the right fit for you may be much like finding a good pair of trusty shoes.

Regardless of whom you engage as your coach or mentor and aside from the specific “what” you determine to tackle, there are several outcomes you would do well to expect.

The following list is by no means a complete collection of these expectations. However, if you don’t find yourself reaping the benefits of at least 90% of this list, get a new coach/mentor.

Outcomes to Expect from Working with a Coach or Mentor

  • When you have someone in your corner you get results quicker than if you were on your own.
  • You add a preventative layer to your plans and actions which can assist you to avoid silly errors.
  • Experience is a wonderful thing. You get your coach’s experience poured into yours and in effect you stand on their shoulders while reaching for your dreams.
  • Inborn talent is a good thing. However, without a strong coach/mentor your inborn talent is never, ever, ever enough.
  • You gain peace of mind knowing that someone with expertise is “there” for you.
  • You have a tempering voice of wisdom playing inside your head.
  • When things get tough you have everything from a supportive cheerleader to a much needed boot in the butt.
  • Your chances of giving your best efforts increase when you have a coach on your sideline.
  • Personal commitment to your own goal increases when you have someone holding you accountable for taking action.
  • Your mentor or coach probably paid a price for their knowledge. You hire them so you don’t have to pay as much for this information.
  • We tend to use our time, energy, mind and resources more efficiently with a coach.
  • The process of having a mentor or coach can shift your paradigms so you get unstuck or remove barriers more quickly.
  • When you trust this other person, they can call you on your bullshit in a manner that you hear and understand.
  • Coaches and mentors often know the “next step” toward your desired outcome.
  • They also know the micro-adjustments that you can take to shave off rough spots and become a champion.
  • Encouragement from a trusted source such as a coach/mentor is often the most valuable of all sorts of praise.
  • A coach can see things inside and outside of you that often you cannot see for yourself.

Should you be looking for a coach or if you want to become a coach, email SoulSalt Inc. at


I’ve been coaching since 1998. During this time I’ve collected comments noting the benefits my clients said they gained from our coaching.
In addition, I consistently have a coach for myself.  The benefits I have gained from being coached were incorporated in this list.
Finally, the articles below were also consulted while compiling the list above.

The Importance of Having a Mentor, by Cori Pasinetti, Director of Marketing

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Do The Dumb Thing First, Stress Free Career Reinvention

When you are facing a brand new page in life, when you are afraid because you are reinventing a working identity, artist Stan Fellows suggests that we do the “Dumb Thing” first.

Well, maybe he didn’t exactly say that about career reinvention.  Although he recently reworked the way he earns a living.
What he has to say, and what I took from this sketchbook video clip was how to benefit from doing the most unpractical, logic void experiment first.


By doing the thing that seems impractical or silly we can relieve ourselves of excessive stress and pressure.  And in the process, we actually take steps. We move from fear and paralysis toward movement and eventual outcomes.

Taking those first, few steps to carve out a new way of life or a new career can be some of the most terrifying and clumsy. And yet, often they are the most critical. When we take these steps in a manner suggested by Fellows, we unplug from being overly concerned with outcomes. We start to get traction.

I am a student of career reinvention. Having changed my working identity at least seven times and coaching those currently in the process I know many of the strategies that support reinvention.

Here are a few first steps that you can take right now:

No matter where you are, stop thinking about change and start acting toward your next working identity.
Events forced me to act boldly, to act fearlessly, to take a chance and assess what really matters.” – Stan Fellows, a former acclaimed magazine illustrator who now paints landscapes along roadsides.


Post Script

Changing a career means we must redefine our working identity. How we’ve considered ourselves in past, professional roles has become a sort of identity. Healthy and sustainable career transition often follows an act-first-then-think-about-it sequence of events. The intimate connection we have with our identity at work has come from years of action. When we take on the process of reinventing how we work and who we are at work, we are wise to resort to the same method – take action first.

Let me know if I can assist you in your quest for a new life or a new career –

More on Stan Fellows

Do It And Review It – Final Steps To Project Management

Once you’ve wisely taken time to scope and plan out your project, you need to launch it.

This interview  will help you understand some of the dynamics of successfully running a project. 

No project is considered complete until you’ve wrapped it up properly and archived your plans and outcomes for future reference. This clip discusses things to consider when reviewing and closing out a project.


Check out our entire playlist series of Project Management on our YouTube channel! 

SoulSalt Salon Coaching Gets Solid Results

I consider myself lucky having been invited to coach within the creative world of hair design. The artists of hair and beauty offer an ever present opportunity for reinventing style, attitude and mood.

The Salon/Spa industry is equally ripe with extraordinary opportunity affording this creative class unlimited career opportunities. Ownership, growth, vibrant experiences are a few of the words that capture this vibe.

Besides working as coaches within salons, we also offer the first Salon Coach Certification track recognized by the International Coach Federation. You can find more details about this program at Ultimate Coach University – a company I’m proud to say I co-founded.

So what sort of results do we support with our coaching programs? Good question.

There are many answers and here are just four of our favorites:

  • We can assist you to increase your revenue
  • We help you establish systems to get sustainable results
  • We work with you to increase job satisfaction
  • We elevate leadership and management capacity

You can get an idea of just how strong our results are with salon coaching by watching this short clip. If what we do interests you, call us at 801-463-5239 and learn how to add coaching to your culture:

Rock Star Mackinder

One of the most dynamic members of the creative class that I have had the honor of working with is the dazzling Vivienne Mackinder.  Currently Vivienne is the Fashion Director of Intercoiffure (American/Canada) and recipient of numerous accolades including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the North American Hairstyling Awards.

The woman and artist that I know her as could win an unlimited amount of acknowledgements as long as they include words like: Most Driven, Quite the Undaunted, and Outstandingly Consistent When Delivering Super-Star Quality Work. So if you are a foundation or organization that honors such individuals, I nominate Vivienne.

It is with no surprise when this radiant lady sent me notice of her newest accolade – the 1,000 year old Irish Hairdressers Federation “International Icon” award.

Vivienne I take my hat off to you. You are an important and enduring symbol to us. You constantly push excellence in art and fashion to the next level. You are an icon of grace, fearlessness and humor. I don’t know anyone who can blend those three elements so beautifully together like you do. You are endlessly my red-haired, dynamo example.

Keep leading the way for creative types all over the globe. We need more mentors to show us how to earn a living by harnessing the talent that flows between our hearts and minds. We need to absorb your insights and wisdom in order to make talent explode out our fingertips as yours does.

Hugs! Kisses! And fireworks to you Vivienne “the Great” Mackinder!


Watch as Lyn takes Vivienne through a creativity coaching session. Click on the link below and select the “Inside The Artist Mind: The Creative Process” movie (to the right of your screen)



Victoria Gets Greater Clarity

Our coaching session today immediately evolved into a report about how one of Victoria’s discoveries turned into a powerful marketing document. This past week Victoria got quite clear around what she does and does not do in her new working role.

Victoria’s has always worried that when people hear that she is a coach she will be perceived as new-agey or guru-like. She has struggled with how to describe her more pragmatic orientation to coaching in her marketing efforts. Recalling a frustrating coaching experience that used the very approach she finds distasteful, she sat down in a burst of energy and identified what she DID NOT WANT TO BE for her future clients. The net results can be seen below:

When someone says professional or personal coach what comes to mind? Dream boards and discussions about finding your bliss? There are coaches out there who provide those important services for those who need them. However, if you are looking for someone who will spend the first 5-10 minutes of your coaching session reading you through a guided meditation to help you visualize success… I’m not your coach.


I am not touchy-feely. I am fiercely supportive.


I align my professional practice with my personal values – creativity, integrity, self-reflectivity accountability, teamwork and humor.


I am a deeply practical and pragmatic person who can help you use your hard earned investment wisely to pursue career and personal goals that align with your values.


If you’d like someone who can support you in your new leadership position, work with you to examine your professional path in light of your changing personal values at mid-career or just find a way to be more productive in spite of your constantly shifting day, then I’m the one you want to talk to.


Are you an overwhelmed first time executive?  I can help you navigate the complexities of your leadership role while setting realistic goals for your organization.


Are you experiencing a career transition? We can use your “in-between time” meaningfully, creating and implementing a plan that prepares you for your next position.


Or maybe you are re-evaluating your life’s work at mid-career and need someone to help you clarify your values, align them with a personal mission and create a plan for tomorrow.


I will never ask you to close your eyes and imagine your perfect anything.


I will ask you questions that lead to good old fashion dialogue and a plan that will help you successfully address your most pressing needs.


Let’s work together. Call me for a free coaching consultation.



Now that you have read this entry, if you or someone you know needs Victoria’s help I suggest you connect immediately. You can find her at: 619-540-2925 or

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