In the Reinvention Trenches

You know when your work no longer fits.
You also know when you need to change the way you’re living.
Knowing this and actualizing a successful transformation are completely different propositions.
Coaching individuals through reinvention begins with one key concept:
Carving out a new career, or a new life, is not synonymous with finding a needle in a haystack.

There is a strategic pattern to this sort of change and there are tools, models and exercises that can support you to make the terrifying landscape of reinvention feel less threatening. Yes, there is a means through the madness. You will have to reconfigure not just your life, you’ll have to rewire your sense of and how you experience being “you”.

The best, single piece of advice for making this sort of transformational journey is to read the book:
Working Identity by Ibarra. If you are someone who needs more structure and support than having a book to read, look into SoulSalt Inc. Reinvention Coaching.  Chances are that if this blog speaks to you, a big part of your own self has already left your current job or life. These two short videos may be useful in gaining insights into the results of our program and also into learning that you are not alone.

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A Twist on Goal Setting

I recently sat at coffee with a sharp young man named Nico Pesci. I find him driven and bright. And what he shared with me that morning was a new twist on how he set his New Years goals. I found his experience worth sharing and I have permission to let you in on our nine-minute conversation.

Have a listen, and let me know what you think about Nico’s new method for goal setting. Maybe you have one you’d like to share. Let me know.

A Twist On Goal Setting by soulsaltinc


Check out the book Flow By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 

Today and Not Today

It’s Here

After six years of experimenting and tweaking and after six years of learning better how to help myself and my creative clients stay focused, the Today and Not Today app. is here!

That’s right. We just released our first i-phone app. This tool is designed to support you as you cut through the chaos – that mass of I have to do’s floating around in your head competing for your attention.

The key concept here is:

We will never, ever, ever have enough time to do everything on our list. However, we will almost always have enough time to do the few critical items that must be completed today. The trick is to clarify what things can wait and what things cannot.

If you want assistance in cutting through the chaos, Today and Not Today is for you. Download it on any i-pad, i-touch, or i-phone.

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Watch one of our tutorials if you need assistance or comment here and let me know how it is going.

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Use this Micro Blast podcast to remind you of this concept:

Micro Blast, Today and Not Today by soulsaltinc


Hitting Your Head Against a Wall?

Do you ever feel like you are hitting your head against a wall? Most of us experience times when we try and try to affect a change or reach some outcome only to acquire a few bruises.

I believe it is important to understand the dynamics of this phenomenon of beating our heads against walls. The key to understanding lies in taking a moment to observe a wall. Go ahead; look at the wall nearest to you right now.

Upon inspection can you notice that a wall doesn’t have legs or arms? Isn’t it clear that the wall can’t approach us and beat itself against us? The opposite, in fact is quite true. We must approach the wall and knock our own heads against the immovable object.

Typically we don’t see “walls” for what they are – immoveable objects that create space, boundaries and hold things up.

If and when we decide to encounter a wall, it is wise to first consider this single question:

Do I really want to volunteer my head for a beating?


If this short article makes sense, you’ll probably enjoy watching our short animation on this same topic: