Hat Tips

Persistence: Soul Salt Award 2013

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My entire collection of “greatest accomplishments” has been accumulated through the undying power of persistence. Look around and see if the same holds true for you. Daniel Goleman distinguished the importance of being able to motivate oneself and persist in the face of obstacles and frustrations as one of the four key characteristics of emotional […]

Time Craziement

The Truth about List Making

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I’m not really against list making. I simply see too many of us feverishly making lists in an effort to get things done. And once the list is finished, we push back with a false sense that we just accomplished something when all we did was relieve our mind of a swarm of tasks.  List […]

Busting It Out

A Twist on Goal Setting

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I recently sat at coffee with a sharp young man named Nico Pesci. I find him driven and bright. And what he shared with me that morning was a new twist on how he set his New Years goals. I found his experience worth sharing and I have permission to let you in on our […]