100 Loves Or 1,000 Likes



I was sitting in the office chatting with Jason Bangerter last week
and something he said is still ringing loud and clear in my mind.
In case you don’t know Jason, he’s a gifted futuristic thinker
and the co-founder of Struck Creative as well as Rentler.
Right after announcing, Rentler had passed the milestone of
half a million users, Jason remarked:

“…but here’s the deal… I’d rather have 100 people love Rentler than 1,000 people who like it. Only those who love your product have the  power to evangelize for you.”

That comment about “100 loves versus 1,000 likes” is what stuck…
If we don’t have something that the market loves,
we can’t build Monster Loyalty.

And there are at least three sure-fire ways to ensure that you deserve
and receive customer love and thus the power of Customer Evangelism:

1 – Offer a remarkable service or product that solves a client problem
2 – Offer a remarkable service or product that fills a client need
3 – Offer a remarkable service or product that fulfills a client’s wants and/or dreams.

Making good on any of the above is easier said than done…
So, let me share a story of  someone in my immediate circle who
has illustrated these sorts of remarkable service or product.

7718642_origLet’s start with Susan McLaughlin of Align, Integration and Movement. Susan performs a remarkable service for people who want to solve the problem of breaking free – and remaining free – from physical pain.

Susan’s career began as a personal quest to find freedom from pain. Injured in a car accident in her early twenties, she has persistently written her own passport to health and freedom.

Within her journey, Susan has been learning and practicing, taking classes, then taking more classes, and applying each piece of knowledge as she went.

She even earned two degrees – and today she blends a unique set of skills to her intuitive, professional prowess.

Here, you can find Susan’s philosophy (which is also a beautiful essay about her “Why”).

… And take a look at the stockpile of client testimonials that prove her remarkable status, here.

Coaching the Creative: Young Entrepreneurs

Nobel Peace Prize winner and microfinance pioneer Muhammad Yunus said: “All human beings are entrepreneurs. When we were in the caves, we were all self-employed…finding our food, feeding ourselves. That’s where human history began.”

I agree with Yunus that you and I were born entrepreneurs.  However, this doesn’t mean that I believe everyone should start their own businesses. The personal fortitude it takes to ride the emotional roller coaster; to gamble and betting on yourself that you will beat the odds, and the constant “on-button” that come with starting a company is not encoded into every individual.

We all need to cultivate what our cave-dwelling ancestors had: inventing the way we live our lives.
Only a select group need create and found their work upon the baseline of self-employment.
And so it is with this young entrepreneur that I champion for being a co-owner of a salon at age 24.
Megan Draper started her hair and beauty career before she could drive. As an apprentice she pulled herself up with innovation and hours and hours of learning blended with labor.

Today her Salon, Butterfly Jac is proud to announce they are enjoying their second year as a nominee in Elle Magazine’s top 100 Salons in the Nation. Enjoy this conversation with Megan and learn some of the mindset and work ethics of one of Salt Lake City’s up and coming entrepreneurs.