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Switch – the Science of Change

How hard is it to change into being a non-smoker? How difficult is it to transform from bankruptcy to abundance? What is it like to leave an achy, stiff body behind and become pain free?

The answers depend on how well you use your head. The ground-zero obstacle for substantial change is the built-in tension arising from having two sides to our brain.

Our minds are ruled by two masters. One is rational, logical and pragmatic. The other is emotional, attached, and irrational.

When we unite the two and become of one mind within one brain, then we can make significant change. Even when change is hard.

I’m a student as well as a practitioner of uniting these opposing forces to affect such change. And one of my favorite books on the subject is Switch, How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Dan and Chip Heath.

I’d like to share a summary of Switch’s main points in hopes that they will serve your change efforts as well as they serve my clients:


Dan and Chip have a great site full of useful resources!

And if the comment about being tired of being stiff and in pain each day hits a cord with you, you’ll want to investigate the Ultimate Freedom Coaching Program being offered at SoulSalt Inc.

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