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Supporting What’s Right and True

Recently I took a good look into a cause that spoke to my heart, sank deep into step with my personal philosophy on life and gave me a chance to do one of the things I do best – take a stand for the benefit of another.

You see, I have clients and associates who want to race in this year’s Woman of Steel Triathlon but can’t. I’m currently moving away from Sprint Triathlons toward another type of competition, so I know what they are missing. I want these ladies to somehow experience the excitement and energy involved in the Woman of Steel. Consequently, I’ve decided to swim, bike and run in their honor. Also, I believe I’ve found a way to bring the energy and stirring nature of the event into their individual and unique life voyages.

The Women of Steel Triathlon in Utah is sponsored by the Bank of American Fork. It was designed to celebrate the stories of amazing women who face life’s difficult challenges and situations with a positive approach by using physical fitness and training to help them overcome difficult circumstances.

Three of these incredible women are carving their way through recovery from breast cancer. The fourth is in recovery from having lost her best friend to this disease, and in the process, lost a huge part of herself as well.

The fifth connection has accepted that she is exiting life because of cancer and wants to finish on a positive note.

Here’s the plan:

Laurie Knaphus of Rally4Good has created a bundle of hand-made rally bracelets designed specifically to attract the benefits of healing and spiritual support.

Each woman within this small group will pick the bracelet they want to adopt from the bundle. On May 18th, I’ll wear the chosen five bracelets and take them with me through the power of this all- female event.

Once I cross the finish line, the bracelets will return home and be placed around the wrist of their respective recipient. My intention is that the lifeblood, the energy, the positivity, the joy, the movement and passion for life expressed that day will transfer from the event into the molecular structure of the jewelry and on to my friends. In effect these women will get a personal pep rally for as long as they wear the bracelet.

This is where you can come in. Join me for the Women of Steel Triathlon or sign up for any event of your picking or making. Choose a beneficiary, contact Laurie to obtain a Rally Bracelet(s) or create your own piece of jewelry and follow suit.

I believe what you and I can do is a small gesture in a strong direction that will have lasting effects in a world that needs to be nurtured over and over with what is right and true about human kind.

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