Start At Your Feet

Want a better life? Start upgrading your personal experiences and your health by improving the relationship you have with your feet.

Seriously, many of us don’t understand the vital connection between the science of healthy feet and our overall expression with all aspects of life.

Doesn’t it make sense that when our foundational base is strong (a.k.a. our feet) our ability to increase our performance and our joy is strong as well?

Consider the following metaphorical statements used by some who approach me for coaching:

  • I’m ready to take a stronger stand for myself.
  • I want to step up my game.
  • I want you to support me while I lengthen my stride.

Within each metaphor, an individual’s relationship with the foundational part of themselves is going determine the trajectory of their outcomes.

So just take a tiny risk and trust me. Accept at least one of the following four challenges and start enjoying a healthier and happier existence.

  1. Go put your feet into a fresh patch of grass. Stand there and imagine the gravity and anchor of earth attaching itself to the soles of your feet. Feel the fresh air above you. Allow the sky to touch the crown of your head and then reconnect to what it means to be alive by standing between heaven and earth while feeling the energy of life conducting through you.
  2. Purchase a pair of five-finger shoes or socks. This activity will wake up your toes. It will alert them that they can get smarter and more independent if they don’t rely on always being part of the herd we lump together into a regular shoe. Truly, you can revitalize your brain and your feet by helping your toes learn to move on their own again.
  3. Read the following blog and practice a few of the exercises recommended by bio-mechanist Katy Bowman.
  4. Or, purchase her book Every Woman’s Guide to Food Pain Relief and practice her suggested exercises on a daily basis.

I’d love to hear what you experience when you take on one of these challenges.

So, do you want a better life? Jump in feet first!


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