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Simple Facts about Goal Setting

Did you know that the probability of completing a goal increases by 10% if you hear about an idea? Seriously just by hearing someone say: “I want to write a book.” Or, “I want to climb that mountain.”

Did you know that you increase the probability of completing a goal by 25% if you consciously decide to do that goal?

Your chances of completing a goal increase to 40% if you assign a date by which you’ll complete that goal. You have to put skin in the game by firming up a due date. Putting a date to your goal makes things more real and more tangible.

Did you know that the probability of completing any goal increases by 50% if you plan out how you will accomplish your goal? Sure thing! If you sit down and break out all the steps it will take to meet your goal, you’ve just cut out the chances of not making the goal by half.

If you commit to someone else that you are going to accomplish a certain goal you’ve just increased the chances of meeting that goal by 65%!

Finally, did you know that if you have a specific accountability appointment to check in on the status of your progress as you reach for your goal that you’ll increase the probability of meeting your goal by 95%?

So now that you know all these facts about goal setting, what will you do about it?

All statistics were taken from a study performed by the American Society for Training and Development.

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