Busting It Out

Rob Maximus MacDonalds Challenge

Last week I shared with you a challenge that my trainer Rob Maximus MacDonald created.  Here’s the challenge:

When in the moment of being on the edge of your best effort and energy is starting to wane, push harder. Throw down any hammer you have left and see what that extra kick does for your performance. 

I tried it. Did you?

Here’s what I netted for my efforts:

In the gym I got a new personal record for the 10 minute all out air dyne ride.

Outside the gym I put on my fastest time running 4.4 miles.

At work I published 4 soundtracks that will provide huge value to a business and ethics class I teach this fall. I put these tracks together after I was spent for the day and well after I wanted to quit. This week I’m way ahead of the game because of this extra effort.

And finally, my stinky, flooded basement is cleared out and reorganized. On a weekend when I wanted to watch a movie and take a nap I dug in and dug deep.

Here it is a new week and I’m glad I moved so many things further down the track. It is gratifying and I have more momentum than last week did. I have more confidence and contentment as well.

Thanks Rob for supporting me by pushing me.

If you missed the challenge last week, take it now.

I want to hear about it.

Here you see Rob working out with us last Wednesday, one reason I respect him is that he doesn’t send out idle instructions. He has done everything he asks me to do…and usually he does it longer and harder.

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