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Project Management Step One – Scope IT!

The first phase in any good project management process is to properly Scope your project.

In this initial phase you, the project manager, act more like a facilitator or coach than a manager.

Your primary job is to take enough time to adequately understand who you must interview in order to effectively scope the vision and deliverables of your project.

When we take this time to find the right key-stakeholders, we prevent future misfires and oversights that could show up later in the project. If you’ve ever had a project derailed in the mid-step because someone from the “top” needed to add their input, you know what I’m talking about.

Effectively scoping your project begins by patiently identifying the key stakeholders before you start planning the project. These are the one or two individuals who will determine your project objectives. These are the same people who will also determine if your project met the objectives.

The two key things you need to do are:

1)    Brainstorm all the potential people that are influenced by your project

2)    Narrow this list down to the one, two, or three key stakeholders who will actually be the critical link that insures that the project is envisioned correctly

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Watch this video to get an idea of how to complete this step in your project management process or connect and let’s talk it over –[youtube][/youtube]

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