Prioritizing What Matters Most in the Moment

Coming into today’s coaching session Victoria is preparing to work at a conference that is happening this week. Her roles (she has many) at the conference are varied and critical to growing her new business.

I was delighted that in the whirlwind preparing for this event she pulled out a tool I have developed and had shared with her earlier in our engagement. I call the tool Today and Not Today and have released it this year as an I-phone app see: http://appsq.com/app/5a8s/today-and-not-today.

Victoria pulled out the paper version of this tool along with a bunch of sticky notes. As she worked through the weekend this tool supported her so that she cut through what might otherwise have been an overwhelming list of things to do.

Members of the Creative Class take note: just because a big event like this conference is looming, it doesn’t mean that your mind conforms to focus on just that one goal. Putting boundaries around what absolutely needs to be done and when it needs to be done is the key. All of what could get done must be relegated to background noise.

In Victoria’s words, “I had to recognize when enough is enough.”

What reinforced itself for me as Victoria spoke was this: Putting something on the backburner doesn’t mean it will be there forever. Exerting self-discipline to focus only what matters most requires this backburner approach.

I’m wishing Victoria luck this week. As you can see below she has a strong list of services she currently offers as part of her bridge to the future. And, she has a nice set of offerings that are being presented at the conference. If something catches your fancy, you might want to send her an e-mail and expect to hear from her next week rather than today.

One on one coaching;

Executive coaching for

professionals; and Retreat and workshop facilitation to support personal and professional development.

Areas of Expertise:


  • New leaders and first-time executive directors
  • Transitions (career and personal)
  • Leadership development
  • Aligning values, priorities and actions













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