Time Craziement

Planning Strategically

Today I worked with a client who has struggled to fully utilize the Today and Not Today tool. We sat down and looked over how she was attempting to plan out her day using this tool.

The items on her “to do” list included:

  • Insure that the loan officers are delivering quality customer service.
  • Monitor the training of new employees to make sure they are properly oriented on the company policy in terms of customer service.
  • Manage the customer service call center.

 It might be occurring to you as it did to us that the items on her list require systems and structure in order to complete them. These items are big, broad and strategic.

The Today and Not Today tool is NOT designed to organize your mind around large strategic projects. It is designed to organize the tasks floating around in your head that need to get accomplished one-at-a-time.

Today and Not Today can indeed support  you when working to accomplish a larger strategic project IF you take time to break your project down into smaller bite-size chunks – tasks.

And that is the key to accomplishing large projects and goals – You must first break these into work packages and corresponding tasks.

Today and Not Today is all about helping you stay focused on your priority tasks each day.

Only use it to sort through your small, bite sized tasks.

When you are focused on big goals and larger projects take time to break those down into do-able steps before you add them to your daily planning.

If you want a free copy of the paper version or the I-phone app of Today and Not Today let me know. I’ll be happy to forward those to you.

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