Genesis of Finding Your Hedgehog

For over a decade, I’ve been taking clients through a process I call Finding Your Hedgehogs. The genesis of my work started in 1998 when I began coaching. About 30% of those who came to me for coaching were seeking support while making a career-based transition. I took note and started to study unique and effect ways to “walk the sideline” of such clients.

In 2001 I read Jim Collin’s newly published Good to Great. Collin’s described the “hedgehog” concept as the convergence of three main business elements: Passion, World-Class Ability, and Economic Drivers. As I studied Collin’s book I realized that what was universal for companies, could be specifically applied to individuals.

That same year I also discovered Now, Discovery Your Strengths by Donald Clifton, the father of the Strength’s Finder Assessment, and Marcus Buckingham. Their research made sense. The Strength Profile that came with the book as an online test quickly showed me a correlation between their work and the “World-Class Ability” Collin’s spoke of. I started using the assessment with clients to help them uncover their potential “world-class” offerings.

Two years later in 2003 I read an article in Harvard Business Review about Herminia Ibarra’s new book Working Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career. Immediately I ordered a copy and devoured each page at least three times. I made extensive notes on legal pads (notes I still review on a regular basis) and combined all these findings with some methodologies of my own.

Today I have a successful system for assisting people who are reinventing or reimagining their working identities. This portion of my blog is dedicated to the testimonials, stories, downloads, and real-time reports from the playing-field of those who have, are and will be changing the way they earn their livings


Hitting Your Head Against a Wall?

Do you ever feel like you are hitting your head against a wall? Most of us experience times when we try and try to affect a change or reach some outcome only to acquire a few bruises.

I believe it is important to understand the dynamics of this phenomenon of beating our heads against walls. The key to understanding lies in taking a moment to observe a wall. Go ahead; look at the wall nearest to you right now.

Upon inspection can you notice that a wall doesn’t have legs or arms? Isn’t it clear that the wall can’t approach us and beat itself against us? The opposite, in fact is quite true. We must approach the wall and knock our own heads against the immovable object.

Typically we don’t see “walls” for what they are – immoveable objects that create space, boundaries and hold things up.

If and when we decide to encounter a wall, it is wise to first consider this single question:

Do I really want to volunteer my head for a beating?


If this short article makes sense, you’ll probably enjoy watching our short animation on this same topic:


Appearing to be Perfect

Appearing to be Perfect

“Appearing to be perfect is more the norm than we as Americans are often willing to admit.” These are the words that came out of an up-and-coming entrepreneur’s mouth recently when we met for coffee. Lauren is a young, successful Real Estate agent. I requested the meeting because I admire how quickly she has gained respect and a certain level of street credibility.

In our conversation she spoke of her forty-something friends who recently confessed that they have too big of a home (which equals too large of a mortgage), too small of a bank account (which means little if any savings), too many toys (which includes a boat they can’t fully enjoy because it has maxed out their credit). In Lauren’s words, “These people told me they ‘look perfect’ on the outside and their financial condition could topple any moment into ruins.” I would add that any appearance of perfect is typically vulnerable and topples easily as well.

How did Lauren become so wise about finances? The hard way. She’s 30 and expecting her first child. She is well versed in encountering financial barrens because she’s been there. At one point she was drowning in credit card debt – she owed half her annual salary. Much of her current peace-of-mind and accomplishment have come from hard work and because she decided to re-think her concept of wealth. She decided that the only way to get out of debt was to make changes, pay the consequences, and lose a few friends along the way (because sometimes the company we keep expects us to keep up with the Joneses). She knows first-hand not only what it means to improve her credit score, she knows how it feels to be debt free.

Wealth in Lauren’s mind is actually the inverse of what most of us hold in our minds when we think of the word. Most of us think of wealth and imagine possessions. We see visions of a large home, a boat, several cars, vacations and on and on. Lauren would tell you that wealth means low-overhead, no debt and living so well within your means that you can live in a bikini on a beach for a month without any consequences.

If Lauren could offer up a piece of free advice on how to do what she is doing it would be this:

“Live honestly and be happy.”

And I would add a challenge to Lauren’s advice: If you are ready to start living honestly and be happy connect with us for coaching to help you do just that.

Lyn Christian is a life strategist and a coach dedicated to supporting people who want to re-imagine themselves and then reach their new version. Lyn can be found at:,, or 801-463-5239.

Three Hints to Deal with Procrastination

Procrastination impedes every single person. You’ve done it and you know it. When we putter instead of getting down to the important things, we are procrastinating. Its okay to admit that you’ve lost yourself in e-mail or on Facebook when you would have been better served making a phone call or finishing up a report. Think about it, do you avoid the unimportant things? Most of us do not.

We usually avoid the significant tasks because they may seem unpleasant, difficult or so important that we get scared about how we’ll measure up to them. So how do we escape postponing those things that give us satisfying results?

Good question. Here are three helpful hints:

  • First – Admit that you procrastinate. Own it. We all do it. You do it. Stop rationalizing that you don’t.
  • Second – Charge at the most difficult task on your list each day. Take it out first.
  • Third – Offer yourself a reward. That’s right! Treat yourself when you complete the hard things.

If these hints are useful, consider sending this or the corresponding video presentation to a friend.

Growing Human Capacity

Growing Human Capacity
I believe in human potential. I thrive at building and expanding the personal and professional capacity of both clients and those within my circle of influence. Sometimes managing our potential is as important as managing our time.
What if human potential is one of the top three most vital resources required for the regeneration of abundance, peace and shared well-being upon our planet? I’m exploring the viability of this question one human being at a time.
Visit this link for an idea on how to better remain a human being versus turning into a human doing:

SoulSalt Inc. is Proud to Present a SoulSalt Achievement Award to Cindy Feldman!

Each year at SoulSalt Inc. we support the Innovators, the Visionaries, and Entrepreneurs that are changing this world one heart, one life, one project at a time. We are proud to acknowledge Cindy Feldman for her persistent manner of self-discovery and consistent desire to increase the amount of peace and harmony we experience here on the planet. She has proven herself over and over as an individual dedicated to staying true to self while assisting others around her to stay true to their selves as well. You Cindy are to be commended for being a seeker of light as well as being a stronger more effective business leader just because you want to. Please accept our award as encouragement to continue to stay in your own power!

Doing the Hard Things

Doing the Hard Things

I admire people who have the strength to do the hard things when destiny asks them to do so. One such person is Richard Paul Evans. In 1993 he wrote a book titled The Christmas Box. Later this book would simultaneously become the #1 hardcover and paperback book in the nation, and then an Emmy award-winning television movie. However, I’m ahead of the story. Let me give you more context:

Evan’s wrote The Christmas Box as a passionate response to his unexpected and tremendous overload of joy he discovered when he began raising his two children. His idea was that by reading this book, someday in the future his children would be able to hold their children and understanding how he was feeling about them. He also wanted to give them his interpretation of the “true meaning” of Christmas. Originally Richard intended to create two copies of his book to gift to his children. However, his wife read and reacted to the book so powerfully that they determined to self-publish twenty copies and give those out to friends as well as family members.

Within six weeks of giving out the books, the phone began to ring. In fact it rang almost every day from local book stores asking to fulfill orders they had taken from people who had heard about and wanted to get The Christmas Box.

Now I have to admit, I’ve not read the book yet. It is completely the idea of Richard Paul Evan’s ability to do hard things that attracts me. The first example of that courage for me is that he didn’t keep his feelings for his children pent up inside. Nor did he create a watered down version of his feelings captured only in a single note or letter. The hard thing to do at this point was to write an entire book – over 120 pages to be exact. And that is what he did. If you’ve ever written and then published a personal narrative, you know the emotional effort required by this often daunting as well as overwhelming project. My bet is that there are at least, at least 5,000 similar un-published books or ideas for books out there collecting dust in someone’s head or drawer.

So back to Richard’s story – from that self-publishing moment in early 1994 when his phone began ringing, Richard decided to go ahead and publish about 5,000 more books on his own. He coined the term “Guerilla Marketing” and set out to give away each of these books. He determined not to fight a war with big publishers. Instead he went to the smaller markets where the big publishers were not and he got on every radio station he could in each. He put himself out there. And this brings up what glares at me as another example of doing the hard thing:

He invested more money, time and sweat to get the book out to every market he could. Nobody else was going to do it if he didn’t step up himself. I wonder how many nights just before falling asleep in some hotel room on the road did Richard think: “What the heck am I doing?” No matter what played out in his mind, one thing for sure was that he stayed dedicated to his cause.

Eventually Richard came to a pivotal moment where his mental guts were truly tested. He was peddling his wares at a book show in Colorado. He noticed that very few people were visiting his and other booths inside the convention hall. Inspired by curiosity and dedication Richard inquired, “Where are the book buyers?” He learned that they were out in the hall standing in line-after-line to get a free, autographed book from rows and rows of authors who had been specifically invited to do so.

Upon exploring this fact and noticing an empty space on one of the tables between two of these authors, Evans faced another moment of truth. He could go back and waste more time and money standing behind his display and stacks of books, or he could muster all his wits and crash the signing party. He decided to crash. He went back to his booth, grabbed his books and then snuck into the empty space. Just as he did so one of the show’s organizers approached him. Richard could have choked under the pressure. Most of us might have done just that but he didn’t. Quick as a flash he looked up at her and said, “I’m sorry that I’m late.”

The organizer stopped dead in her tracks, blinked and offered to get him some water. Evans spent the day signing and handing out his books.

If there was ever a moment of truth, this was one indeed. Mental grit was required in order to channel what must have been a huge emotional rush into a burst of gutsy intelligence. Kudos Richard! And what pleases me even more is that the next year he returned as the “guest author” to this same show and he was able to trade stories with the very same organizer. She admitted that in that critical moment she was about to throw him out. Then she saw the earnestness in Richard’s eyes and decided to give “this crazy, gutsy guy a chance.”

And so it went for Richard Paul Evans, and so it will be again for thousands of other people like you and I – People who have a dream and enough mental toughness to see those dreams come true

I’ve shared with you what inspires and teaches me from Richard Paul Evan’s personal story. Now I want to know, what impresses you?

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Simple Facts about Goal Setting

Did you know that the probability of completing a goal increases by 10% if you hear about an idea? Seriously just by hearing someone say: “I want to write a book.” Or, “I want to climb that mountain.”

Did you know that you increase the probability of completing a goal by 25% if you consciously decide to do that goal?

Your chances of completing a goal increase to 40% if you assign a date by which you’ll complete that goal. You have to put skin in the game by firming up a due date. Putting a date to your goal makes things more real and more tangible.

Did you know that the probability of completing any goal increases by 50% if you plan out how you will accomplish your goal? Sure thing! If you sit down and break out all the steps it will take to meet your goal, you’ve just cut out the chances of not making the goal by half.

If you commit to someone else that you are going to accomplish a certain goal you’ve just increased the chances of meeting that goal by 65%!

Finally, did you know that if you have a specific accountability appointment to check in on the status of your progress as you reach for your goal that you’ll increase the probability of meeting your goal by 95%?

So now that you know all these facts about goal setting, what will you do about it?

All statistics were taken from a study performed by the American Society for Training and Development.

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Juliette LaFluer – One of Lyn’s Favorite Guiding Forces

Hat tips and congrtulations to Juliette LaFluer. She is earning a living by doing something that inspires her, inspires me, and inspires everyone she works with. Read more about Juliette below:

“I have been sharing the gift of Intuitive Guidance over the past 30 years. It has been a most rewarding and enlightening experience, both for my clients and myself. I have had the pleasure of working in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Europe. I now live and work on Kauai, Hawaii, where the spiritual energies are clear and high.
Being born into a family of clairvoyants, I realized at an early age that this gift was to be respected and honored. Although no one else in my family chose to work consciously with this gift, I knew that I was to be of service in this way. I realize the uniqueness of this gift, and thus I always strive to be a pure and clear vehicle for the information that passes through me.
In these times of deep transformation and possible confusion, having an expanded view of one’s life can be most helpful. Using my intuitive gifts of seeing, hearing and feeling the impulses from my client’s Guiding Forces, I facilitate the creation of an energy bridge between the client and those Forces. This offers the client an expanded context from which to view one’s life.

In session, which is approximately one hour in length, I ask that any and all patterns that are either aiding or blocking a person be revealed. The guidance then comes through the spoken word to offer clarity and direction in the client?s life. Each session is as unique as the person seeking guidance. The sessions are recorded via Free Conference and then emailed to the client.”

Juliette can be reached at 808 828 2189 HST, which is two or three hours earlier than PST depending on the time of year. Or you can connect me by email at
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