Monster Loyalty: Creating Customer Evangelism – Part Three

Gold Miners Daughter Lodge

In the previous message (here) we shared three sure-fire ways to ensure that you deserve and receive customer love. Engaging the power of Customer Evangelism is a natural result of offering one or more of these:

1 – Offer a remarkable service or product that solves a client problem
2 – Offer a remarkable service or product that fills a client need
3 – Offer a remarkable service or product that fulfills a client’s wants and/or dreams

In this message we salute another small business for offering remarkable services that fulfill dreams and wants.

For some snow skiers, their Wish List includes:
This planet’s finest ski slopes of powder
Great food beginning and ending a ski day
A storm system rolling in to lay down more powder
A lift to the slopes just footsteps from warm, cozy lodging

If you are one of these people you’ve probably found the snow-buried
treasure known as Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge (GMD) in Alta, Utah.

Very rarely do all the perfect ingredients for a stellar ski trip
come together as they do at GMD: rustic setting, reasonable
, and convenient location.

Owners Jenn and Ross, as well as their team, are well-versed in
making guests feel welcome and ready for a fantastic ski vacation.

Just 25 miles from Salt Lake International Airport, GMD
is frequented by many no-nonsense, hard-core skiers,
and it’s a great place for a beginner to start a legacy of ski trips.

However, the proof of this pudding is in the eyes of the guests. Here is a
sample from TripAdvisor how the actual skiers describe their GMD experience:

” …it is GMD’s staff that really makes this place shine. From the greeting at check-in, to the early morning departure, the tone is authentic and friendly.”

“It really feels as though we are returning home each year which is why we love it.”

“The GMD will make you feel like family the very first time you stay. The staff is the most gracious around. My pick will always be the GMD, I found my family … and my Soul will never leave.”

For a more personal endorsement by a word-of-mouth evangelizer, check
out this short interview with frequent guest Bettina Fulford and hear why
she feels comfortable enough to walk around GMD in her pajamas all morning.

Not 100% sure your product or service is remarkable?

Usually all it takes is one small tweak or one subtle “Ah-ha”
moment to take you from “good” to… REMARKABLE.

Go ahead – be remarkable. I dare you…


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