Coaching the Creative

Meet Meg Ross – Active Member of the Creative Class

I was recently rehired by a very young, creative, undaunted entrepreneur. Her name is Meg Ross and she currently resides in NYC.

Few people have come into my practice with as much natural grit and tenacity as she. I’ll let Meg explain how she returned to coaching (see below).

If you are young, ambitous and relentlessly seeking huge dreams, you’ll probably find Meg’s on-going story facinating.

When I worked with Lyn in the past I was empowered to make smart decisions. Lyn’s motivation and energy helped me to finish a $4million project. After I completed that task I needed to recoup and began shifting my focus on my personal life instead of business.

Consequently I stopped working with her because just getting “life coaching” from Lyn didn’t seem necessary.However, I realized not only that I really missed having her support and input but that I could have really used it when making that life-focus shift.

I’m back. I want a partner in life as I take on some of my life-long dreams again and Lyn serves as that person for me.  She supports me in a way so I see who I am, what I am great at and when I need to be less hard on myself.  I am in a better space when I work with her as my coach both personally and within my business decisions. Her influence assists me to use my strength.

I am excited about my future and my potential.  I am truly excited about the ideas that get flushed out when I work with Lyn and I know with no uncertain terms that I will be be successful with her in my corner. When I’m getting coached by Lyn my family, friends and all those around me benefit as well.

Let’s see where Meg’s coaching takes us.



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