Matt Is Nimble Matt Is Quick

Say the name Matthew Landis at a party or gathering place in Salt Lake City and heads will turn.  Two salons bear his name, thousands of Aveda advocates have been trained by him, local TV spots feature him, several businesses in the area have been branded by him and the list goes on.

Personally, Matthew is a delight to know and a rock star to coach. Within the first twenty minutes of meeting him I had a hunch that his career transition (hedgehog process) would move quickly. “Quickly” has become an understatement.

Never in my 13 years of coaching has anyone been so prepared to blow out of their outgrown perspectives and a “past work life” in order to dive into deep professional transition.

Primed for this next chapter, Matthew had determined two years ago to create a more sustainable life for himself. He sold his home. When we started working togetehr he stepped away from a draining commute and a job that was no longer exceptional.

Today we are leveraging Matthew’s name-brand recognition within the salon industry by contracting out his training and coaching abilities. We’re honing in on his value in the TV spots by clarifying his sexy new brand. And his intense intelligence and broad experience is partnering up other entrepreneurial minds to create business offerings and models in the beauty scene that have not existed before. Already, in five months Matthew’s coaching is propelling this bundle of creativity, love and learning to his next level.

I could go on, and on about Matthew. However, it might prove interesting for you to hear directly from him where he’s been compared to where we are now in his transition:

I have worked and trained in salons from Salt Lake, New York, Atlanta, and to Miami.  I have opened several spas and salons, and helped many friends with their small businesses.  I know how to attract good, talented people, and what it takes to keep them happy and provide them with incentives and opportunity to take ownership of their lives and their careers.  My real gift, however, is helping people to reach success and find that inner strength to guide them where they want to go.

Lyn was right – I was ready to jump.  I knew that I wanted something different from my career and my life but I needed someone to bounce my ideas and thoughts off of.  It’s clear to me now that I have been in this a major life transition for several years now. Lyn and the coaching process have been a tremendous help in facilitating and finding that greater sense of self and purpose that was inside me the whole time.  I was so used to creating change in my life by jumping off cliffs, sometimes to good effect and sometimes not.  This process has been experimental and methodical at the same time.  My biggest challenge now is that I get so excited I wanna change the world in one fell-swoop, but I’m learning to sit on my hands and breathe first.  I firmly believe everyone needs a coach of some kind.  I’m so, so, so glad I found mine.

As you follow Matthew’s story on this blog just know this: If we make too big of a transition too quickly, we risk leaving a chunk of financial gain and personal satisfaction on the table.

Our challenge in this engagement will be to keep an eye on the speedometer, and navigate the tight turns and twists along the road. Watch out world, Matthew Landis has just left the starting gate.


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