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Marketooning – Kony 2012

I rarely repost other blogs. However I follow what Ben and Jackie post and this one I had to share for a few reasons. Instead of telling those reasons to you, I have three things to say:
  • If you haven’t seen the Kony 2012 video, do.
  • If you have seen it, watch it again in terms of observation – take notes and notice how brilliant the marketing effort was behind this video.
  • If you are one of my clients who is working on reinventing the way you earn a living and make a contribution, notice the title “marketoonist”…now that isn’t something you hear everyday.
This Cartoon from our friend Tom Fishburne, “marketoonist” extordinaire, was perfectly timed this week. With Kony 2012 video becoming the most viral video of all time –100 million views in 6 days — I’m wondering if it has renewed demands by the C-suite that their team get the a viral video ASAP.
Smart marketers know that producing a video that spreads like Kony 2012 is like catching lighting in a bottle. You can try it, but the odds are stacked against you.”
– Jackie Huba,

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