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Lyn Christian Named Fittest Female Executive over Fifty

We are proud to announce that Lyn Christian has been named Fittest Female Executive over fifty by the Utah Business Magazine. This wasn’t just some random appointment. The team at TOSH (The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital) put all of Utah’s applicants through what they call an ultimate fitness test.

The test included skin fold measurement to determine body composition, a VO2 Max test that indicated cardiovascular fitness, a vertical jump and pro agility test. If that wasn’t enough, flexibility was measured, press jumps were administered and each applicant had to prove themselves in a good old-fashioned push-up series too.

While Lyn took first in her age division, insider information indicates she surpassed the fitness of several contestants much younger than she.

What seems most impressive to us at SoulSalt is that this wasn’t a random contest Lyn took extra time to prepare for. She maintains a philosophy about being strong and true in all areas of life, which include not just the physical but also the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. She believes that regular routines and practices of healthy living in theses areas are critical for enjoying and having optimal experiences.  She says, “If you want to do well in your work, in your relationships, and in your life you must be well.”

For more information read the Special Report in this month’s edition of Utah Business Magazine and watch for other postings and comments concerning this topic.

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