Coaching the Creative

In the Reinvention Trenches

You know when your work no longer fits.
You also know when you need to change the way you’re living.
Knowing this and actualizing a successful transformation are completely different propositions.
Coaching individuals through reinvention begins with one key concept:
Carving out a new career, or a new life, is not synonymous with finding a needle in a haystack.

There is a strategic pattern to this sort of change and there are tools, models and exercises that can support you to make the terrifying landscape of reinvention feel less threatening. Yes, there is a means through the madness. You will have to reconfigure not just your life, you’ll have to rewire your sense of and how you experience being “you”.

The best, single piece of advice for making this sort of transformational journey is to read the book:
Working Identity by Ibarra. If you are someone who needs more structure and support than having a book to read, look into SoulSalt Inc. Reinvention Coaching.  Chances are that if this blog speaks to you, a big part of your own self has already left your current job or life. These two short videos may be useful in gaining insights into the results of our program and also into learning that you are not alone.

Here is a link to SoulSalt’s Facebook events page.





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