Earn, Live and be Inspired at Any Age

If you have been dreaming of earning a living by doing what you love to do and by doing what inspires you, I have three messages for you.

Messages #1You are never too old

The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity recently released data indicating changing demographics. This shift represents a large movement in the composition of U.S. entrepreneurs.  See the graphic below to better understand the increase in entrepreneurs ages 55 to 64. Just when people used to be preparing for retirement, they are starting up their own new business.

Message #2 – Your entrepreneurial idea is never too simple

Imagine a recreational family activity of discovering alphabet letters in the patterns that occur within nature, architecture, metal work, etc. Now imagine that family taking black and white photos of their letter discoveries.  This hobby became a multi-million dollar business with start up costs of a few hundred dollars. If you have a simple business idea, this story may be just the encouragement you need to start making it happen.


Message #3 – It is never too late

Meet Lark! At age 79 she walked into my Reinventing Your Working Identity class at the U of U. Having worked as a therapist, an artist, a teacher and more Lark is well beyond thinking of retirement. She has determined to take on another new role and give this world one more chunk of her time, talent, and energy. Lark was an inspiration to the entire Oscher class and is exploring her options.

Knocking on the door of being 80, Lark is not an anomaly. Many Americans are working past the age of 70. The majoring sense a continued desire to make meaningful contributions to their lives and the lives of others.This article published by C.N.N. stated among other things that 54% of workers 65 or older want to keep working.

You are never too old. Your ideas are never too simple. And it is never too late to add your offering, your value to the table of life.



Author’s Note

 I wouldn’t be writing this piece if I wasn’t living the essence of it.  I have reinvented how I earn a living at least eight times since graduating from college with a B.A. Today I’m proud to say that I own and run my company called SoulSalt Inc. I’m a partner in Ultimate Coach University as well. At the time of writing this post I am branching out and reinventing my role at SoulSalt by becoming more strategic and less a part of the day-to-day. This is something we entrepreneurs must do and yet often we tend to ignore this step.

I’m also excited to share that I started competing in sports again three years ago at age 50. So far this season I’ve placed second in a 5K and 1st in a Sprint Triathlon. Reinvention, finding and creating work that inspires me and making a contribution is a huge part of who I am.  If you or someone you know is interested in getting more information about what I do and the groups and individuals I work with, please connect: lyn@soulsalt.com or call SoulSalt Inc. 801-463-5239.

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