Coaching the Creative

Direct Communication

One of the key distinctions between a master coach and a novice is the use of language. In specific, a coach uses the power of Direct Communication in a skillful manner.

According to the I.C.F., a mastery level of Direct Communication goes beyond one’s ability to communicate effectively and with positive impact on the client. (see number 7 in the link)

A few key indicators that a coach has reached a high level of impact through language are as follows:

  • The client and coach have an ease and freedom in the words and pacing used within their sessions.
    Meaning that the coach can offer up information of various sorts without attachment. And the pacing matches the client, not the coach.
  • The coach shares what they have to share in a manner that incorporates the client’s language. Meaning metaphors and analogies fit the client’s frame of reference.
  • The coach invites and nurtures respect for the client through the sort of words and language patterns incorporated in the session.
  • The coach hears and celebrates direct communicate flowing from the client to the coach.
  • The session supports more client talk time than coach talk time.

Recently I went through an audit of my own coaching skills. I hired a seasoned mentor. Together we took me through a battery of proficiency like pass-off sessions. The notes shared during one such session and the corresponding pod cast might further prove useful as you absorb the broad topic of Direct Communication.

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