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Coaching and Your Inner Game

“Let the body do what it is capable of doing.” – Tim Gallwey

My main function as a coach is to support people who are seeking to unlock full potential. You might say my role is to be a Maximizer –maximize a client’s performance, experience and results.

One mentor in particular who has helped me better assist clients as they reach full potential is Timothy Gallwey, author of many books such as The Inner Game of Tennis.

Gallwey claims that “… if a coach can assist a player to remove or reduce the internal obstacles to their performance, an unexpected natural ability will flow forth without the need for too much technical input from the coach.”  

You may be well aware that most of us block ourselves from tapping into our own natural potential by listening to negative internal chatter.

When we side-step this negative chatter and plug into natural ability life gets richer, stronger and more enjoyable. Having a healthy “inner game” (reframe your thoughts based on capacity versus negative inner chatter) is a huge part of being successful.

So how does one plug into a stronger “inner game”?

I encourage you to witness firsthand as Gallwey assists an overweight, middle-aged non-tennis player to connect with her natural ability to learn tennis in minutes

What can you apply to your own “inner game” as you see Gallwey at his best?

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