Perfectionism Is A Trap

Are you unwittingly trapped by perfectionism? Would you like to see how much of your thinking is being turned into dysfunctional paradigms and how much of it is healthy?

This quick quiz can assist you in finding out if you are able to move toward Excellence or mired in Perfectionism.


The Magic Eight Ball

Life is more ambiguous than many of us acknowledge. It often asks for patience when we typically practice the inverse of such. Here in the “western” part of the planet many of us suffer from an overwhelming desire for our answer to be immediate, our solutions to come easily, and our dreams to be met NOW!
What if life is about a process and not about a product?  If this were so, would you live it any differently?
If you are thinking about your answer to this question, you might want to view our clip about the “Magic Eight Ball” found on YouTube.

Money, Energy and You

Money, in its purest sense is congealed energy. The new and emerging economy is nudging us all to realize a more spiritual manner of handling our cash and our credit. Humanity benefits when we become more mindful and awakened and wiser in matters of money.

Would you like to improve how you handle your income?

Did you know that your first encounter with currency may have imprinted you with either a correct or an incorrect pattern of how to maximize cash?

Would you like to find out if this primary encounter with money needs to be adjusted?

If so:

1) Watch this video clip.

2) Then check in with me for quick ideas on how to rewire yourself with a more successful sense of money. or  801-638-1855



Hitting Your Head Against a Wall?

Do you ever feel like you are hitting your head against a wall? Most of us experience times when we try and try to affect a change or reach some outcome only to acquire a few bruises.

I believe it is important to understand the dynamics of this phenomenon of beating our heads against walls. The key to understanding lies in taking a moment to observe a wall. Go ahead; look at the wall nearest to you right now.

Upon inspection can you notice that a wall doesn’t have legs or arms? Isn’t it clear that the wall can’t approach us and beat itself against us? The opposite, in fact is quite true. We must approach the wall and knock our own heads against the immovable object.

Typically we don’t see “walls” for what they are – immoveable objects that create space, boundaries and hold things up.

If and when we decide to encounter a wall, it is wise to first consider this single question:

Do I really want to volunteer my head for a beating?


If this short article makes sense, you’ll probably enjoy watching our short animation on this same topic:


Appearing to be Perfect

Appearing to be Perfect

“Appearing to be perfect is more the norm than we as Americans are often willing to admit.” These are the words that came out of an up-and-coming entrepreneur’s mouth recently when we met for coffee. Lauren is a young, successful Real Estate agent. I requested the meeting because I admire how quickly she has gained respect and a certain level of street credibility.

In our conversation she spoke of her forty-something friends who recently confessed that they have too big of a home (which equals too large of a mortgage), too small of a bank account (which means little if any savings), too many toys (which includes a boat they can’t fully enjoy because it has maxed out their credit). In Lauren’s words, “These people told me they ‘look perfect’ on the outside and their financial condition could topple any moment into ruins.” I would add that any appearance of perfect is typically vulnerable and topples easily as well.

How did Lauren become so wise about finances? The hard way. She’s 30 and expecting her first child. She is well versed in encountering financial barrens because she’s been there. At one point she was drowning in credit card debt – she owed half her annual salary. Much of her current peace-of-mind and accomplishment have come from hard work and because she decided to re-think her concept of wealth. She decided that the only way to get out of debt was to make changes, pay the consequences, and lose a few friends along the way (because sometimes the company we keep expects us to keep up with the Joneses). She knows first-hand not only what it means to improve her credit score, she knows how it feels to be debt free.

Wealth in Lauren’s mind is actually the inverse of what most of us hold in our minds when we think of the word. Most of us think of wealth and imagine possessions. We see visions of a large home, a boat, several cars, vacations and on and on. Lauren would tell you that wealth means low-overhead, no debt and living so well within your means that you can live in a bikini on a beach for a month without any consequences.

If Lauren could offer up a piece of free advice on how to do what she is doing it would be this:

“Live honestly and be happy.”

And I would add a challenge to Lauren’s advice: If you are ready to start living honestly and be happy connect with us for coaching to help you do just that.

Lyn Christian is a life strategist and a coach dedicated to supporting people who want to re-imagine themselves and then reach their new version. Lyn can be found at:,, or 801-463-5239.