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Bookmark Your Brain Before Bed

There are hundreds of ways to mark your place in a book. Some people “dog-ear” a corner while others tuck a commercially crafted marker into their books. This simple practice must save readers a trillion hours a year. If you are one of them, an easy transference of this skill might save you more than just time.

Using the notion of bookmarking is a brilliant way to capture the fluid thinking flowing today in your head so that it can kick-start your next day of work.

Here’s the idea: As you turn off your computer or shut down from work, make a note of all those important things you sense need to be accomplished tomorrow. I suggest you write each task on a sticky note – one item per note. (To better understand my reasoning behind using sticky notes versus list making watch this clip.)



Now add details to each sticky note. Write a description of where your current stream of thoughts suggest you should go next per task. Record anything you sense valuable to remember.

In the morning place yourself in front of these notes. Refresh your mind with the “breadcrumbs” you left yourself the night before in the details.

Once your mind is refreshed concerning what needs to be accomplished today, start planning. (This clip might help you plan out your day.)



Be your own best friend by bookmarking your smart ideas today so you can use them tomorrow.

Author’s Note: A big thank you goes out to Iain Hueton – entrepreneurial inventor. He recently told me of an article he read that had a similar twist on preparing yourself for tomorrow’s work. Our conversation reminded me of this bookmark practice. And it encouraged me to start using it again. Sometimes what we most need to remember comes back to us in wonderful, serendipitous ways…like side-notes in conversations. Thanks Iain for jogging my memory.

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