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Biology Connects With Your Beliefs

You are comprised of approximately fifty trillion single cells. Did you know that each cell is controlled by its awareness of your physical and energetic environment? While genes play a part in the vitality of your cells, their part is smaller than most of us know.  In his book the Biology of Belief, cell biologist Bruce Lipton Ph.D. says that our genes are simply a molecular blueprint used to construct the cells that form our organs and tissues. However (and this is a gigantic however) our environment and an energy outside our bodies are the contractors that determine if cells follow genetic patterns or not.

Lipton’s work holds powerful ramifications for every human being. Here’s what I mean be that: while studying cell behavior he found that a cell with a genetic propensity toward a specific disease would listen to messages coming to it through the cell membrane or wall. The cell chose to follow the energetic message outside itself versus the encoded pattern of its own blueprint!

As I read Lipton’s work I realized that none of us need to live a predestined life of ailments genetically acquired. A power that quantum physics-savvy psychologists call the “super conscious” mind, and that I call a spiritual energy are far superior to directing our biological wellness than any other power.

“If you teach genetic control you teach victimization. Influencing your perceptions and your beliefs changes the chemistry of your biology.”  –Bruce Lipton Ph.D., Cell Biologist

I believe we presently experience well developed modern minds and technologies that can manipulate our surroundings in extraordinary ways. But, it is our spiritual intelligence that has the capacity to trump all of that and lift life to a higher experience. If what I have just shared sparks your interest there are three things you can do right now:

Get and read Lipton’s book the Biology of Belief

Watch this YouTube interview with Bruce Lipton Ph.D.


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