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A Week In The Life Of SoulSalt Inc.

Finding Your Truth and Living it

My work is often like play. And I love how our efforts at SoulSalt Inc. encompass supporting individuals to become a more enlivened and enlarged version of who they are. Last week for example we had a plethora of happenings that boosted the efforts of several individuals as they moved closer to their intended outcomes.

Monday started the week with a photo shoot. One client is stretching her horizons by picking up photography. We have been testing the capacities of our iPhone cameras. This week we dusted off my Canon Rebel and headed out on our private adventure, targeting street art and flowers. Here are some of the fruits of our labors.

Another individual has been gaining strength in her reinvention process. Several pounds lighter, and with major shifts in her personal habits, this client possesses a willingness to come out of the closet with an innovative new dream vocation. Blending her love for socialization, fun and enlightenment she invented Tarot Vino – a wine and tarot card reading party. Fully launching in July of 2012, you can connect now with Marcie to book your event. This team huddle, including Marcie, myself and SoulSalt’s Creative Assistant Jessica, scoped out version 2.0 of her site  Check it out.

Calling all Super Heroes!
Most of you know me as coach to the re-inventor. A new designation was recently doled out by artist Cat Palmer. Cat and I met several weeks ago at a fundraiser/art show presented by our mutual friend Olivia.
I was invited to join a crew of female super heroes being gathered by Palmer for a photo shoot. And now the pics have been developed you can check out the antics and anecdotes captured that day.

I have to thank Cat for the opportunity. I learned a thing or two about super heroes and super powers that I hadn’t realized. If you want to learn too, watch this.

This week will finish a group coaching engagement based on the concept of Career Reinvention. Here you see three of our clients interpreting messages from their intuitive collages. Previous sessions included research and exercises to gain insights about “self” in terms of strengths, passion, and communication patterns. Adding this intuitive element of “soul” to the mix is our second-to -final step in what has been a 12 week process. We’ll see where everyone nets out this week. However so far, two of our attendees have found new jobs that leave them satisfied and earning. One client joins us remotely because she’s already made a leap and moved to Austin, Texas where she knows she’ll find what she is looking for there (in terms of work). Another attendee has brought out a children’s book she is now ready to share. I just received an email from her describing how she is using this week to find the right illustrator for her project. That is a bold move! Watch our upcoming blogs for some of their  individual stories!

And before the week ended I was presenting a DISC (communication assessment and debrief) to the managing team of the Ogden, Paul Mitchell School. Then I headed back to S.L.C. to lead a business class crafted to assist entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs by improving their ability to focus and manage their workloads.  Several more classes like this are being hosted by Taylor Lamont at the Structural Integration Institute on South Temple and 400 East. We have three more classes to go and you might find one that you want to attend. See the event here!

It was a full week. It was a fun week. It was fulfilling. I have dedicated by professional pursuits to living my life and earning my living by doing what inspires me. I am living that reality. My clients are in process of living it as well. And even more importantly, I know it can happen for every single individual alive. Some people might think I’m “out there” or a bit crazy AND if what I do is crazy, I can assure you that it is a good sort of craziness.

If you want to find out how you can start living a more inspired life, please call and make an appointment for a free consultation. 801-463-5230


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